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Pesto Café

Pesto Café

A restaurant that feels like home

The Pesto Café is an excellent choice for eating out, especially for families. 

During COVID-19, Pesto Café has taken extra precautions, which exceed those of most restaurants. One of their most savvy uses of technology allows guests to access an online menu while using a QR scanner; however, this feature is currently available only in Ukrainian. Those who speak English exclusively, may need to use real menus, but like other restaurants these are sanitised between each guest’s use. Pesto Café is a restaurant chain that prides itself on its accessibility throughout Kyiv. Each location will have its own proper set up to circulate the air during COVID, but those which offer terrace dining offer a wonderful outdoor option while the weather is nice.

Pre- and current-COVID, Pesto has always been a restaurant for families, where children can use their private play-room included in each Pesto location where a resident nanny supervises the children’s play. Young children will call Pesto Café their favourite restaurant because of its bright décor, including the servers’ uniforms. In their plaid shirts, suspenders, and colourful glasses without lenses, they are a whimsical group of clownish Ukrainian hipsters. 

Children looking to celebrate a birthday party can include a master class: cooking delicious Italian cuisine. Indeed, Pesto Café has a complete variety of Italian cuisine on the menu as well as an Italian variation on pub grub. There are savoury appetisers and bruschetta, eclectic salads and seasonal soups. Comfort foods include pastas, pizzas and sandwiches and main course meals for especially hungry guests. Delectable deserts are offered after dinner and there is a complete list of drinks both with and without alcohol – especially freshly made juices. 

Pesto Cafe

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