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Royal Blood (UK, blues rock)

Royal Blood (UK, blues rock)

5 August at 20.00
Art Zavod Platforma (Bilomorska 1)

No, Royal Blood did not save rock from the dominance of rap music globally, but they were able to gain a huge following and pack concert halls with their unique style in no time. Both albums of the band were ranked number one in Britain and in the top 30 in the US. And this was against the general hegemony of conveyor music, which is not to say that Royal Blood is especially original. However, they do not hide it, the relish in it. their list of inspirations is huge and clearly traceable while listening. Combining virtuoso blues melody, the rough-and-ready style of garage rock, and dense guitar riffs, a heady combination is formed. Loud but melodic, this is musical lightning.

1 290 UAH
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