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Salo in the City

Salo in the City

Officially opening its doors on 18 April, this restaurant knows a thing or two about “cured slabs of fatback”, and their menu is complete with a history and dictionary for all of your needs.

Situated across from the bustling Bessarabskiy Market, Salo Bar sits two stories above Baseina Street. For a restaurant that specialises in tradition-al Ukrainian cuisine, the interior is surprisingly contemporary. The most striking part of the décor is a large photo of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan cradling a slab of salo. The restaurant features three dining areas, an open kitchen, and a counter where Salo’s own pickled vegetables and salo can be purchased. NAVIGATING THE MENU
Salo Bar not only serves up food, but they serve up history too. On the front page of the menu I read about the differing preparations of borshch and varenyky from region to region, and particularly enjoyed the “Dictionary of Salo”. The menu features all of Ukraine’s best national dishes, which makes it hard not to order every single item.

I start with Poltava borshch. The bright-red dish is served in a con-trasting white bowl, and it tastes just as good as it looks: tender pieces of chicken, the perfect ratio of shredded beets, and salted to perfection. Follow-ing a sip of Chianti Geografico 2017 to cleanse the palate I dive into the next dish: cabbage rolls. Plated on a beautiful ceramic dish and lightly garnished with fresh herbs, this simple dish is made to look impressive. As I take a bite, it melts in my mouth with the delectable flavours of meat, cabbage, and tomato sauce. This dish has always been a favourite of mine and Salo Bar nails it.
For my last course, I have banosh served in a warm cast-iron pan. This dish is lightly browned on top, pep-pered with cracklings, and adorned with a wooden spoon holding brynza cheese. The banosh is light and airy and excellently complimented by the flavours of the cracklings and cheese.


If you are planning a solo visit, come to Salo Bar before 18.00 to have a quieter low-key dining experience. The relaxing and cosy ambiance is inviting for solo diners and you can choose to be seated overlooking the bustling street below. Group diners are welcomed here too, and reservations can be made to ensure that you and your party will be accommodated.
For a lively, entertaining, and unforgettable dining experience, I recommend visiting Salo Bar on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening from 19.00 onward. During this time, you will get to enjoy live traditional Ukrainian music to your heart’s content.




Poltava Borshch – 70 UAH

Cabbage rolls (holubtsi) with meat and sour cream – 85 UAH

Banosh with cracklings and brynza – 85 UAH

Chianti Geografico 2017 150ml – 160 UAH



GPlate of Salo – 160 UAH
Potato pancakes served in a pot with chicken and mushrooms – 120 UAH
Homemade Honey Wine – 35 UAH

Salo Bar is a complementary addition to Kyiv’s existing establishments and reflects traditional Ukrainian cuisine of the last century. It provides a charming and comfortable atmosphere, welcoming everyone. Come for the food, stay for the music, and soak in the beautiful contemporary Ukrainian aesthetic.

Salo Bar
Baseina 1-3/2
12.00 – 23.45
+380 98 600 3333
social media: salobarkiev


English Menu ✓
English-speaking staff ✓
Wifi ✓
Price $$
WO Rating ★★★★



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