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Seasonal Allergies May Cause Sniffly Situations

Seasonal Allergies May Cause Sniffly Situations

When quarantine began in March, anyone with spring allergies were the subject of scrutiny every time they sniffled and sneezed in public spaces. Now with fall allergies around the corner it’s important to recognize the difference. Itchy eyes, congestion, runny nose and general fatigue are normal allergy symptoms. (If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms it’s important to seek medical attention). The most likely cause of fall allergies is ragweed, colloquially known among Ukrainians as “ambrosia.” Ambrosia was supposed to be the food of the gods, but it is a scourge for the rest of us allergy sufferers.

How can you treat allergies? Some external relief can come from using a humidifier to fill indoor spaces with moisture and disperse either dust or pollen; it is guaranteed to make waking up easier. But, if you need more instant relief or a boost to get you through the day, any Apteka will offer an antihistamine to treat your symptoms. A nasal spray can also be effective; and if you need eye drops ask for “ochni kapli.” 

A well known Ukrainian homeopathic remedy is to eat more organic honey, which is generally the only type of honey you will find in Ukraine. Ukraine has a long and rich historical tradition of beekeeping, ranked number one in Europe and within the top five in all the world. Add some organic honey to your tea and your body will cope better with seasonal changes in Ukraine.

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