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Souvenir Guide Carpathian Wool Socks

Souvenir Guide Carpathian Wool Socks

Looking for a traditional gift to wow your friends back home? We have something that will knock their socks off – and you’ll have just the gift to replace them!

Just in time for that bone-chilling Ukrainian winter season, why not pick up a pair of Carpathian wool socks? Featuring traditional designs and wonderful, warm sheep wool, they are the perfect mix of traditional, modern, and practical.

As a popular national product, you won’t have any problems finding them. Check out the Vsi. Vsoi department store of Ukrainian products, start-ups like, or literally any Christmas market in Ukraine. Or, for a truly authentic experience, head to the Carpathian Mountains yourself.

Not only have Carpathian wool socks kept Hutsuls warm through the cold Ukrainian winters for generations, but they’ve kept them looking stylish doing so!

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