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Sexual Desires Hide Very Interesting Details about your personality, and according to pornhub, there’s a whole lot of interest in ukraine on just this topic
In early January, PornHub published their 2017 Year in Review, with information about site visits and statistical indicators of user activity from country to country. This world famous website (what do you mean, you’ve never heard of it?) shared summaries about user’s favourite categories and deduced the average amount of time of stay on the site. Ukraine hit the 27th position in terms of PornHub traffic. Here’s why…

According to the site, the most popular search queries emanating from Ukraine are “step mom”, “russian”, “overwatch”, and “3D hentai”, while “anal”, “mature”, and “lesbians” were among the most popular categories. We caught up with professional sexologist Eduard Lewinsky with more than 15 years of experience in the field to find out just what is behind sexual preferences in porn, what they are caused by, and how they affect our society as a whole.
According to Lewinsky, popularity of the “stepmom” query shows that the family is no longer a safe haven. In Ukraine, there has always been an archetypal female hearth keeper, but maybe it has morphed into domination, cruelty, and inaccessibility from the female side. In a society where a woman assumes the role of a leader, norms are challenged; hence the sexual desire relating to adult women.
Ukrainians also watch a lot of “russian” porn this genre is considered to be fast and hard and lacking in any “unnecessary” prelude. It is a style common to Ukrainians and so the high ranking of this genre demonstrates familiar sex, something common and comfortable in everyone’s life.
The increased interest in the “overwatch” category indicates that some members of society are losing the ability to build communication, and may be suspicious of their partners. People take in as much as 70% of information through their eyes, and so the visual image is one of the primary factors in arousal, something which explains why voyeurism is one of the most common sexual activities or fantasies.
Those fond of “3D hentai” can be considered to have attributes of an adult child. Considering the popularity of the request, this indicates a process of deformation of community in the minds of those who seek it. It is infantilised, reflecting the mores and foolishness of children. Also, this genre is popular among gamers. Go figure…

Eyes Wide Shut
Where does the base interest in pornography come from? Is it just that we love to watch it, or is it something more, like Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, where secret and unfulfilled desires substitute reality? This is a question we put to our second expert, psychologist Anna Antofiychuk.

According to her, increasing interest in pornography is very easy to explain. This is an intimate situation that gives the effect of either presence with or identification with the characters. A lack of sex also generates interest in porn. Humans, in essence, always seek satisfaction and will always find the satisfaction they need in some way technology and connectivity have just made this easier. Entering the virtual sphere, as a rule, is connected with the need to reach a level where a person can manage and command himself.
The choice of the category of porn is dictated by the features of our personality, which are formed throughout life. Antofiychuk  goes on to explain, for example, that the attraction to the category “anal” is based on the desire to put a partner in a completely subordinate position. Less extreme things, such as whipping and spanking, all come from the same core thinking.
The idea of multiple partners and the illusion of substituting one of them with yourself are incentives for watching lesbian porn. “I have not one, but two women at once,” the brain postulates while watching clips on this topic, and here the psychologist suggests we are teasing the boundaries of narcissism too. In the foundation of attraction to this category, there is also an interest in how women satisfy each other, though there are several possible underlying motivations there.
It is noteworthy that the frequency of the query “turkish” increased by 1 367%. This suggests that Ukrainians are trying to find a partner that is distinctly different from them.
“Fisting” is something Ukrainians looked up 114% more often than people in other countries, which reflects a society that is is strongly polarised and categorised, where possibly there appears to be no chance to build some kind of relationship. Activities with high traumatic risk indicate an attempt to cope with deep depression, where individuals try to revitalise themselves through sex, rather than through good sense and social communication.
Summing up the insights of these professionals, we can conclude that, despite some of the anxieties in society, like the need for isolation or the absence of hope, we appear to be in a process of rebirth and are looking for new incentives and motivations in our lives. And this is a good sign. At least, that’s what the shrinks say!

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