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Summer with Expo Centre

Summer with Expo Centre

On 12 May, we all got a breath of fresh air with the @vdngkyiv starting up a series of events called Summer with Expo Centre (Літо на ВДНХ in Ukrainian). The centre has experienced major losses this year with many cultural events, like @AtlasWeekend and the city’s coffee festival, being drastically delayed.

The Expo Centre is not financially supported by the government so it is dependent on events like these but its General Director Evgeny Mushkin is not losing faith. So far, Summer with Expo Centre has an optimistic start with no delays getting in its way. There are still some restrictions taking place due to quarantine, but at times like these people will appreciate even the smallest things. Right now, you can visit the petting zoo, rent a bicycle, or try out the horseback riding club.

Quarantine makes us realise that we find happiness in seeing the first flowers bloom, treating squirrels with some nuts, riding a bicycle, buying some delicious coffee, and appreciating Summer with Expo Centre.

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