The Annual Members Appreciation Reception

15 February 2018

On February 1, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine held its Annual Members Appreciation Reception at the Kyiv Hilton, gathering more than 400 distinguished guests. Chamber members, State officials, partners, and friends were treated to words of enthusiasm for the official portion of the evening, after which the less formal networking took place amid good friends and possible future business partners.

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Maslenitsa concluded with the Cheesefare Week, which ended on 18 February. In the capital, there were numerous events associated with this celebration and What’s on Kyiv visited one of them in Pyrohiv where celebrations relating to this tradition take place every year. What is Maslenitsa? Maslenitsa is one of the oldest symbolic holiday traditions of Slavic people. It symbolizes winter and the expectation of spring’s arrival. The celebration lasts for a week and ends on Forgiveness Sunday. In the Orthodox Church, the last Sunday before Great Lent – the day on which, at Vespers, Lent is liturgically announced and inaugurated – is called Forgiveness Sunday. On the morning of that Sunday, at the Divine Liturgy, worshippers hear: “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses…” (Mark 6:14-15). The celebration of Maslenitsa is tied to Easter and begins a week before the Great Lent. Many meals are consumed during celebration. Pancakes are the main traditional dish. Celebration in Pyrohiv Pyrohiv is one of the most popular places for celebrations of Maslenitsa among Kyiv citizens and guests to the capital. There are many street cafes with a variety of pancakes, dumplings, and grilled vegetables on the menu. People also eat grilled meat, but it goes against the tradition. You can participate in various activities: sledding, dragging a rope, throwing snowballs and other contests. Folk groups perform on stage, and continue their songs off-stage. The burning of the stuffed winter effigy is the final stage of festivities. The general atmosphere Arriving here, it immediately turned out to be another dimension. A large number of people in traditional Ukrainian dress and a truly friendly and fun atmosphere. All people became one big family. People at neighbouring tables treat each other, laugh, and participate with each other in contests. We were also treated with pancakes. People about Maslenitsa We talked to people about the meaning of this tradition. For some, it carries a big sense given by ancient traditions. For others, this is a great occasion to spend time with family and introduce children to culture. And for others it is simply an excuse to enjoy delicious food and entertainment.

On February 3-8, featuring 55 designers, 51 shows, seven presentations, seven special projects, and two lecture platforms, Mystetskiy Arsenal played host to Ukrainian Fashion Week 18-19. Promoting innovative formats, featuring new names, inviting representatives of the international fashion community, and far more besides, UFW enjoyed six days of pure unadulterated design, with more than 15 000 people in attendance.  

On 24 January, a new venue opened its doors to the cultured Kyiv community. Its Not the Louvre can be found through an archway on Chapaeva – just follow the music and lively conversation about life, art, and all that jazz. The inside is not unlike those topics listed above – the venue has a very collegey feel-featuring all kinds of artwork and not one piece of furniture matches another. It is a place not just for the intelligentsia but for anyone looking to enjoy tasty morsels from their menu, intricate signature cocktails, and live music from Thursday to Sunday. Adding to the Tres Francaise family, It’s Not the Louvre is a welcome addition to Kyiv.

From 1 to 4 February, Block Fashion Week – Kiev Fashion Days, opened the world fashion season for F/W 18/19. As part of this innovative fashion week, there were showings of young designers from both Kyiv and London. Each day was packed with interesting shows, including the release of a new form of crypto-currency, labelled Fashion Coin, by Anna K. In addition, Blockchain Fashion Week hosted the Blockchain Fashion Conference, which was an event that points to the future not only for the fashion industry, but also for the blockchain industry.