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The ideal shopping experience FOR MEN

The ideal shopping experience FOR MEN

Most men will tell you they hate shopping. However TSUM removes these outdated stereotypes and turns the clothes-hunt into a new intoxicating sport for guys.

At this conceptual department store, their shopping tours are easy, comfortable, time — and energy-saving for a number of good reasons. Dominating the downtown landscape, TSUM is within easy reach of all Kyiv districts and boasts underground parking facilities — a benefit that is highly valued by those behind the wheel. Instead of racing through various mono boutiques, men in Kyiv will find whatever they need or want in one space, completely dedicated to menswear, shoes, and accessories. TSUM’s magnificent -1 floor features an impressive mix of well-known labels — Belstaff, McQ, Hogan, Filling Pieces, Ted Baker, True Religion, Denha, Two Men and Citizens of Humanity, just to name a few. They cater to any taste and occasion, from formal shirts to cut-ting-edge denim, to iconic leather jackets and elegant casual. TSUM’s complimentary services make shopping even more fun. Your own personal stylist will help when choosing items that best suit in colour, size, and style, while a drycleaner and repair shop take care of clients’ garments. A shoe shining service gives footwear that perfect finishing touch — a good old-fashioned polish. The outfit is complete and time is well spent.

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