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14 June 2018

NeuroMarketing is the fastest-growing method in marketing today, and with experts making frequent pitstops in Kyiv, we thought perhaps it time to get hooked up and examine the hype.
The next big event is care of MindIt, with Nikolaos Dimitriadis – a neuroscientist with a rather distinct sense of humour. Touted as one of a top neuromarketers in his field, he says the initial idea that “marketing is as much a science as it is art” is “pure BS”! Rather, “Neuroscience is revolutionsing the way we understand behaviour: what drives us, what scares, us, what messages we really pay attention to, and what we focus on, all of which is driven by our subconscious rather than our conscious,” says Dimitriadis. “And behaviour is what marketing is all about.”
For decades, he reveals, marketers have been applying an incomplete and mostly wrong model of customer behaviour, resulting in huge amounts of money wasted. If actively choose the idea that science and predictability wins out when developing methodologies, then we are able to become that much more aware of what is happening in the human brain which helps to read our unconscious response to brands.
But marketing aside, Dimitriadis says what he is bringing to Kyiv is “definitely applicable to all aspects of life”. “Parenting, education, social relations, self-development: everything we are and everything we do comes from our brain. It is so simple.”
Though there are maladaptive behaviours we as humans engage in, “usually deeply hardwired habits that have been developed a long time ago and have proven repetitively successful for a number of years”, your brain has already devised the best strategy for you to acquire exactly what you need when you need it. You may find it difficult to adapt quickly to the new situation, says Dimitriadis, however “you just need to listen to your brain more closely!”

NeuroTools with Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis
18 June at 19.00
Coworking Platforma (Belomorska 1a)
500 UAH

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