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The Strength of the Ukrainian Passport

The Strength of the Ukrainian Passport

In years gone by, Ukrainians were forced to wait in lines outside embassies in all seasons to submit mountains of documents in order to obtain visas to travel to different countries. That was considered “normal”, or at least just how things were. But much has changed over the last few years, and Ukrainians now hold one of the world’s best passports! In fact, Ukrainians have the 24th best passport in the world!

In the carrot and stick (treating and prodding) treatment Ukraine’s post-revolution leaders have been subjected to in recent years, one major carrot was the prospect of visa-free travel to the Schengen countries of the EU. Many people refused to believe that that day would ever come. It not only happened, but in addition, even more countries have changed their rules to allow Ukrainians easier access for short-term visits. The number of visa-free countries is now 90, and the number of visa-on-arrival locations is 41!

It would be nice if the UK, the US, Ireland, and Canada joined this party. Nudge nudge.

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