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The WO Team

The WO Team

Police and crime reporting in New Zealand was my bread and butter for seven years before coming to Kyiv. Ukraine was to mark a departure from what was often taxing work and for three years it did. However, things have a habit of coming full-circle and it was in late 2013 I found myself back in the thick of the daily news cycle. TV, radio, and print work beckoned during the Revolution of Dignity while still working for What’s On. Post What’s On, that work continued and I joined an NGO, /en/ , an initiative originally designed to support Ukraine’s cash-strapped military that has evolved into a multi-faceted beast supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians in a vast number of different areas. Six years from my arrival, Kyiv feels like home and What’s On was and is a big part of that.

Jared Morgan


These three years without What’s On has been crazy. When the war started, I was confused and decided to get married – but thank god that did not happen! Instead, I continued along my own path of victories and disappointments. In this time, I started to surf, became a political PR manager, and met my true love. My parents in Luhansk, whom I used to visit on the night train any time I wanted, now live in the LNR. These last three years have been difficult and broken, but I am happy for the changes that have taken place for myself and my friends. Now I say for certain that being a part of the WO team back then was one of the best in my life and I am thrilled that we have returned and that you have welcomed us so warmly. The WO future is going to be spectacular – believe me J

Alina Smolina


After working for years for an English-language magazine, writing in Ukrainian seemed quite a challenge, which I decided to take on, so I moved from the cosy What’s On office to a huge and noisy newsroom – of one of Ukraine’s biggest. Reporting on the Maidan Revolution of Dignity, doing interviews with artists and writers from the east of Ukraine, who suddenly became refugees in their own country, meeting with ATO-veterans and giving voice to their stories of lives – these things planted seeds of pain and grief deep in my soul. Sometimes I think giving birth to my son in 2015 is the only thing that saved me from emotional collapse.

Kateryna Kyselyova



I am a journalist, actor, and event/tv host. I have hosted big events like Euro 2012 and Euroclub 2017, as well as the UA Tea Time TV talk show and LET’s TALK streams for Ukrinform. I’m also the founder of Kyiv Improv Club, which will be coming back in full force very soon! A sociologist by education and an entertainer by experience, I know all the whats, whys, and where-tos for everyone in Kyiv!

Serzh Velychanskiy





After the magazine’s closure, I worked as the chief editor for the Ukraine Today website – the first national English-language channel launched in August 2014. In addition to coverage of the Donbas conflict, our content ranged from global breaking news to local sports, culture, social, and lifestyle pieces. Since October 2016, I have been with DEOL Partners, a leading real estate company that operates four high-profile hotels in Kyiv. I joined the WO team during the 2013-2014 EuroMaidan Revolution, when anti-government protests were taking place in Kyiv’s central square. Those three months shook the world, yet gave us hope. And this hope inspires us now to write a new and much more exciting chapter in the WO life!

Anna Azarova



Cities remind me of people. They have their own characters, stories and secrets. I’ve been obsessed with Kyiv since our first date. I can spend hours walking along the old streets, reading in the parks and hanging out with smart and trendy young people. What’s On is my way of discovering Kyiv and getting endless inspiration from our talented team. Always ready to talk about modern Ukrainian literature, VR and Asian food. If you meet me at the bar on Friday evening, let’s have a small talk and a good cocktail. But not necessary in that order.

Nina Bohush




As the Editor of Lviv Today, I have covered sports, culture, and business for publications such as the Ukraine Business Journal, The Budapest Times, The Kyiv Post, World Taekwondo, and the International Paralympic Committee. I am also a member of the Ukrainian and International Sports Press Associations and the first Western journalist to be awarded Olympic accreditation by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

Lee Reaney





I am a fashion designer, who has been running the #LOVEfp fashion brand of womenswear for three years. Prior to pursuing a fashion career, I mastered in journalism, which I put to use for media houses Korrespondent, 1+1 channel, and many others. I started my career as an intern at What’s On and grew into deputy editor. Currently, I’m doing my postgraduate studies at London’s Central Saint Martins, one of Europe’s most prominent fashion schools.

Ksenia Karpenko





When the Revolution of Dignity started, I found it impossible to stay away – we were watching historic events in Kyiv and across Ukraine. After the revolution, What’s On had to close, and in the years since I’ve been contributing articles on the situation here for the Kyiv Post, Business Ukraine, and Atlantic Council. I have also participated in discussions on Ukraine’s reform progress on the Savik Shuster Show, as well as done interviews with Ukraine Today, UATV, Espresso TV, and Ukraine’s First National TV Channel. Now that What’s On is back I’ll be happily contributing written materials, while also working on the creation of a new global crowd funding platform, inspired by recent events in Ukraine.

Paul Niland



Originally from the United Kingdom, I moved to Kyiv in the summer of 2012, and have been involved with many projects since my arrival. In those first years, I worked extensively as a journalist and was part of the team which launched Ukraine’s first English-language television channel, Ukraine today. Since early 2015, I have been overseen the management of Fryday Kyiv, one of the most active divisions of the Swedish-based international networking franchise, and am now known as the Fryday guy! I’m also thrilled to be working with another fabulous group in Kyiv – What’s On.

Sam Kearley




When I was a child, my dad taught me to listen to good music. Since then, I appreciate the quality in everything that surrounds me, especially if it concerns my development. I work in a creative field therefore I know how important it is in our time to have a source of quality information. And this is exactly what What’s On is for me now. A quality product that makes my life better. Hope it will do the same for you!

Anna Kondratyuk





Hello, I am Tyoma and I am a photographer. I started taking photos 10 years ago, just a few shots a week – lampposts with their broken wires, parkbenches… It wasn’t enough, and so I started to shoot more – houses, sunsets… But that wasn’t enough. Then I did a portrait and realized it was people that I liked. Now I take pictures everyday with pleasure and am even dependent on them! I am the What’s On photographer! Oh, and PS – I hate weddings.

Tyoma Myronenko




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