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Theatre (September – October)

Theatre (September – October)

Burning Love
The Witch Trial (IT, play)
1 October at 19.00
International Centre of Culture and Arts (Nebesnoi Sotni 1)
Starring well-known Italian actors Ornella Muti and Michele Placido, this play tells the true story of a darker time when any woman’s attempt to prove her right to love and be loved led to grave consequences. In 1428, Matteuccia di Francesco, an alleged nun, was put on trial in the medieval city of Todi. The tribunal, headed by the Inquisitor, found her guilty of practising sorcery and condemned her to be burned at the stake. Her case is one of Europe’s earliest complete accounts of witchcraft to survive until now. The performance is presented in its original language with simultaneous interpretation.
550 – 3 850 UAH

Music and Movement
Paquita and Scheherazade (two one-act ballets)
7 October at 19.00
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
The new season promises to be eventful and entertaining for theatregoers. Katja Khaniukova, a highly acclaimed Kyiv-born soloist of the English National Ballet, is equally brilliant at dancing classical and contemporary performances staged by European and American choreographers. She is coming to her native town to treat us to a sophisticated night filled with music and movement – Petipa’s Paquita and Fokin’s Scheherazade. François Alu, a well-known French first soloist from the Paris Opera Ballet, is another star to shine in the show.
450 – 3 500 UAH

Who Lives Forever
The Queen Symphony
30 September at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Descent 2)
One of the greatest vocalists in rock history, Freddie Mercury is widely known for his ostentatious outfits, eccentric manner, incredible artistry and powerful tenor. He remains one of the most recognisable showmen in the world. To pay tribute to Queen and its charismatic frontman, Ukraine’s National Philharmonic invites you to savour hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, Innuendo, and Barcelona performed by the National Academic Symphonic Band and the Khreshchatyk Academic Chamber Choir. The concert includes The Queen Symphony composed by British born Tolga Kashif and based on the everlasting melodies by the legendary group.
80 – 400 UAH

Hidden in Darkness
Blindness (UA, play, site specific)
17, 18 September at 20.00
Port Creative Hub (Naberezhno Khreshchatytska 10A)
A joint project of the independent Misanthrope Theatre and Port Creative Hub, Blindness represents a new format for Ukraine – a ‘site specific’ genre. Based on the novel by José Saramago, the winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature, the performance will have audiences fully concentrating on their perception. Immersed in darkness, both actors and viewers – or rather non-viewers – will share the experience of taking in the action beyond the stage and making it a reality using their imagination. It promises to be tough, uncomfortable, and provocative. NB: no mobile phones allowed.
400 UAH

Botanica Jazz, Old Fashioned Band The Best of Soul
15 September at 20.00
Hryshko National Botanical Garden (Tymiriazievska 1)
250 – 450 UAH

Office. Inflame a Desire in Yourself Black Square Improvisation Theatre
19 September at 19.30
Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)
150 – 580 UAH

Anna Karenina
Postmodern opus by theatrical Gandalf named KLIM
21, 22 September at 19.00
DAKH Kyiv Centre of Contemporary Arts (V Vasylkivska 136)
Starting from 300 UAH

Opera masterpieces
In programme: Mozart, Gounod, Verdi, Massenet, Rossini, Mussorgsky, Lysenko and others
22 September at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine
(Volodymyrskiy Descent 2)
70 – 250 UAH

Capella Cracoviensis (Pl)
In programme: Pärt, Zieleński, Szymanowski
27 September at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine
(Volodymyrskiy Descent 2)
70 – 300 UAH

Equus, psychological drama
Yesins’ Private Independent Theatre
27, 28 September, 4 October at 19.00
Pechersk Culture Centre, Moskovska 3
250 UAH

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi
New collection
29 September at 19.00
Kyiv Metropolis Music Hall (Lesia Ukrainka 1)
250 – 550 UAH

Marry Me
Two-act modern comedy, premiere
2 October at 19.00
International Centre of Culture and Arts (Nebesnoi Sotni 1)
200 – 1 350 UAH

Romeo and Juliet, Shakespearment
Kyiv Modern Ballet
10 October at 19.00
Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2)
50 – 500 UAH

White Design Promenade
Annual charitable ball
12 October at 18.30
Taras Shevchenko Park
450 – 800 UAH

Seven Angry Gentlemen
Comedy for adults
14 October at 12.00
Theatre of Actors (V Zhytomyrska 40)
80 – 200 UAH

Veryovka Ukrainian National
Academic Choir
Grand jubilee concert
15 October at 19.00
Palace of Sports (Sportyvna 1)
99 – 399 UAH

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