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Treehouses in Kyiv

Treehouses in Kyiv

If you are into the mood to get away from crowded Kyiv streets but don’t want to leave the city. We have a solution for you: Skvorechnyk – city ecospace. Located in Hydropark and named after the birdhouse, Skvorechnyk offers several spaces for rent, among which are treehouses. 

There are four treehouses, three of them can host up to six people and cost 100-150 UAH per hour while the biggest one is suitable for up to 16 guests.  To book a treehouse you need to call the location or write a short message for the official FB page. 

There is also a variety of events to attend, as Skvorechnyk hosts tea tastings, yoga, dance classes, meditations and live concerts. There’s something for everyone so don’t wait a moment longer to fulfill your childhood dream of hanging out in a treehouse with your dearest friends.

Skvorechnyk – City Eco Space

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Contact: +380 063 408 7655


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