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Try Eating Instead of Counting It

Try Eating Instead of Counting It

Shapes, Fillings, and Flavours: Where to Get the Best Pie in Town

Pie is one of the most ancient dishes that dates back to the Egyptian times, so the fact that there are endless varieties of flavours and fillings is quite understandable. The war between savoury and sweet pie is, in our opinion, quite redundant, especially here in Kyiv where you can find fantastic options for both types that will win you over. To help you find these options, today we’ve listed the best bakeries in town where you can collect your slice of the pie (literally). 


Our List:

  1. People, Happiness, Pies

This place shouts “individuality”, “passion”, and “freshness”. Julia Kubrak opened this bakery with the notion that pies help people open up to deep conversations and be honest with each other. She proudly creates most of the pie recipes herself and also experiments with methods that she finds on the internet. The result is a variety of exceptional flavours: Milky Way, Sky Pie, Tofu Cake, Italian Accent Pie, and Mushroom Tycoon. You can order one of those right here


  1. Pirohy Ta Druzi

This venue boasts a selection of worldwide and traditional Ukrainian recipes. Each pie has a distinct flavour that tells its own unique story, making you wonder about its origins. The most notable flavours: raspberry pie, cherry pie, cheesecake with salted caramel, and gluten-free poppy seed pie. There is also a seasonal pie available: Karpatka (named after the Carpathian Mountains), which is similar to a strawberry pie – one bite will immerse you in all the exotic fragrances and tastes of summer. Follow the link to place your order


  1. Taki Pyrohy

Here you can find Ossetian pies stuffed with tender bits of meat and fresh portions of cottage cheese. This place is the answer for those who have bottomless stomachs, as there is an XL option available. After indulging in a pie filled with cheese, brynza, and sulguni, you’ll definitely be back for more. If you’re with a group of starving friends, then buy a combo of 4 or 6 pies to keep everyone happy. We also recommend ordering a sauce to add that extra touch of spice to your palate. 



  1. Zarina

This venue claims to be the workshop of Ossetian pies – so it’s worth trying them out! Here, you can find all sorts of fillings like potato, cheese, mushroom, or cherry with vanilla for your sweet tooth. There is also an excellent range of vegetarian pies, decorated with traditional Ukrainian greenery. You can get the pies delivered by courier, which can take anywhere from 1-2 hours – but trust us, it’s worth the wait. What’s more, they have a special deal on weekends: order 2 pies and get the third one for free! You can find their menu on this link 

Interesting Pie Facts!

  1. When fat is added to a flour-water paste, it becomes a pastry. Ancient Greeks are believed to have invented the first pie pastry. In the plays of Aristophanes (5th century BC), there are mentions of sweet pastries filled with fruit. Not much is known about the contents of these pastries, but the Greeks certainly considered pastry chefs to be different than bakers.
  2. Though Ossetian pies often resemble a pizza, the cooking method is entirely different. The mixture is much softer, and instead of a tomato base, the sauce is made from garlic, cream, and traditional spices. Another difference is that one slice of an Ossetian pie is much more substantial than a slice of pizza, due to the heavy fillings.
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