Ukraine Now!

15 May 2018

In an effort to do more to promote Ukraine, the government just announced a new logo and slogan that will attempt to brand the country as a destination of choice for investors, tourists, and anybody else who might want to realise the potential of the country. Cool.
To assist the authorities in their promo campaign, might we suggest a few run-on slogans:
Ukraine Now needs to show the world details of the impressive reforms undertaken in the last few years.
Ukraine Now needs to lay out a detailed road map for further reforms.
Ukraine Now isn’t perfect, but, those who bravely stood to change their country really deserve a pat on the back.
Ukraine Now should be booming, steps to open the country to foreign investment and expertise are long overdue. Talking about commencing transparent privitisation of State Owned Enterprises is all well and good, however, to be frank, this should have happened already a couple of years ago.
Ukraine Now is a rallying cry, a good start, a talking point, let’s build on it.
(OK, admittedly they’re all a bit too long to be catchy, but speaking truth to power isn’t a battle of soundbites, it’s a battle for ideas and a call for meaningful dialogue. You’re welcome.)

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