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Ukrainian Printmaking of the XX – XXI Centuries

Ukrainian Printmaking of the XX – XXI Centuries

Mystetskyi Arsenal has opened the exhibition “Ukrainian printmaking of the XX – XXI centuries”.

During the twentieth century, Ukrainian printmaking underwent the most radical transformations in its history. The connection between Ukrainian graphics and European traditions can be traced back to the Renaissance and Baroque printmaking of Ukrainian ancient printed books. An enthusiastic pilgrimage of Ukrainian artists abroad in the first third of the twentieth century contributed to the enrichment of national artistic traditions and the formation of a unique style with modern and avant-garde characteristics. In the days of the Iron Curtain, despite all the prohibitions, the tradition of the avant-garde persevered, and the utilitarian function helped printmaking experience the least destructive influence of Soviet censorship. Ukraine’s independence paved the way for postmodern global intentions, and Ukrainian printmaking has found its place among global art yet again.

The exposition does not focus on “schools” or specific styles and trends, it does represent the main focal points of printmaking in Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, as well as the phenomena of Ukrainian printmaking over the last hundred years.

After wandering around the exhibition, you can have a leisurely picnic in the courtyard of the Arsenal. There are wooden tables, soft ottomans to relax on. You can even bring food and drinks with you and enjoy the shade of the old chestnut trees..

The exhibition in the Mystetskyi Arsenal will last until 16 August, 2020.

Address: Lavrska St 10-12

You can find tickets here

Ticket price:

  • Full 80 hryvnias
  • Discounted 40 hryvnias
  • Family 160 hryvnias

Admission is FREE for children under 12 years

How to get there: it’s a 10 minute from walk from Arsenalna metro station

Official event page in FB

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