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We can probably guess what you’re thinking, but the chances of finding leggy blond stereotypes are no higher in this establishment than anywhere else. In this case, the name “bimbo” derives from the Italian masculine-gender term meaning “(male) baby” or “young (male) child”. Perhaps the curious name is apt because this is a place that sits firmly on the edge of Kyiv’s craft beer scene. It is a corner that it occupies well.

Like its name, Bimbo’s motto “Kava & More” (Coffee & More) is also open to interpretation. However, putting it simply, Bimbo is a seamless blend of chic saloon and coffee Mecca. This is an independent business owned and run by a couple who probably wouldn’t balk at being labelled ‘hipster’. It shows in the unique décor, which is dominated by the image of a tattooed “bimbo” on the wall.

Offering an assortment of local and harder-to-find beers, and located a little outside of Kyiv’s tourist and central business hubs, Bimbo is the perfect place for casual catch ups in quieter surroundings. Without going into too much detail, what makes this place even more appealing is the fact they carry some of Ukraine’s finest craft beers.  A standout and perfect illustration of how much of an amalgam Bimbo is can be found in its Coffee Milk Stout made in collaboration with Zaporizhia-based Woodstone Brewery. Finding good beer and good coffee is never easy – let alone in the same place, which is what makes the trip to the Palats Ukraina area of Kyiv all the more worthwhile.


(Volidynyro-Lybidska 16)

Open: 10.00 – 22.00

Tel. +38 067 763 5775

FB bimbokava

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