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What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name

Somewhere in the centre of Kyiv lies a street steeped in history, clad in beautiful architecture, and infused with a lively atmosphere. Shota Rustaveli is directly named after the Medieval Georgian poet and is a place to come, enjoy, and indulge in its diversity.

A Taste of History 

A stroll down Shota Rustaveli will bring its historical architecture into focus. The Brodsky Choral Synagogue, erected in the Romanesque Revival style, has been a feature of the street since 1898. A little further down Kinopanorama can be spotted. Opened in 1958, Kinopanorama preserves the authentic cinema experience without any of the fluff. The place has become a showcase of art with its careful selection of the world`s most iconic movie pieces.

A little further down, where Saksahanskoho meets Rustaveli, lies a small park – a great place to have a seat and possibly do some people watching. Various sculptures fill the small space that was inaugurated in 2007 by both Presidents of Ukraine and Georgia at the time. Some of the sculptures have Rustaveli’s The Knight in the Panther’s Skin quoted. 

Food Frenzy

Aside from all the history, Shota Rustaveli is home to many notable restaurants. For an evening of high-end dining, Beef meat & wine is the place to visit. Their delicious steaks will turn your dinner into an unusual experience. Holy Burger is not far off either: this cosy spot is known for, you guessed it, their burgers! The interior is very open and welcoming, with modern details and design. The staff can be seen wearing oversized white t-shirts and loose-fit camel chinos, moving comfortably about the restaurant. A must-try on the menu is the Holy Cheeseburger. Adorned with smoked turkey, melted cheddar cheese, and the usual additions of pickles, tomato, lettuce, and sauces, it’s a deliciously balanced classic. 

Right next door is the popular Milk Bar. It’s the place to be for brunch on the weekends, while their homemade cakes inspire creative minds. Coffee can be ordered at the counter and taken away. It’s filtered coffee is one of the best in Kyiv. The only downside of brunching at Milk Bar is the possibility of a lengthy wait to get seated, although any delay is worth it for the delectable food. 

Hot Spot 

One of the newest venues to open along this humble city-centre street is the SayNoMo salon. Renovated to reveal a uniquely sophisticated nail spa, you can get your cuticles cut while you sip on a Caipirinha. Offering service in licensed style, your beauty routine will start to be less about those necessary bimonthly appointments you have to make, and more about enjoying them once you get there.

Shota Rustaveli is a unique street with much to offer. One can easily spend a day wandering along the sidewalk and between the buildings. Lined with an array of eateries, the exact taste to tickle any fancy can be found. Come to soak in the architectural beauty of the street or soak up the fresh air in Rustaveli Park. From the flavoursome dining options to the historical buildings and the many shops to explore, we’re certain it will quickly become one of your favourite streets to visit in the city – it’s certainly one of ours.

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