Zelyonka and 5h1t.

15 May 2018

Here’s a fact: many Russians live in Kyiv. Indeed many Russians live across all of Ukraine, and to see a Russian-plated car is not uncommon. Ninety-nine point nine per cent of the time these people are simply guests in the country who are required to abide by the laws and entitled to live a peaceful life here. On 9 May, a few cretinous orcs decided to douse one Russian resident of the capital with a green antiseptic fluid, mixed with feces. The gentleman in question heads the Kyiv branch of a Russian agency promoting science and culture and had been observing the annual traditions of honouring Soviet war dead at the time the attack happened.
The victim, Konstantin Vorobyov, may or may not have sympathies with Russia’s actions against Ukraine, but that’s not the point. If this handful of young folk are themselves concerned enough about Russia’s actions, the correct place for them to vent their anger is alongside the brave men and women on the frontline, not in Kyiv, not through vigilantism, and certainly not through mob force. The recruiting office is open 9-5, Monday through Friday. Want to show you’re big and strong? Go and serve your country properly. Bullying and intimidation are the tactics of cowards.

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