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Сelebrate National Pizza Month

Сelebrate National Pizza Month

Who says you can only find good pizza in Italy?

The first document that ever recorded the usage of the term ”pizza” was a Latin manuscript from the 10th century, and it’s no surprise that this delicious food has stayed constant throughout the ages. It’s the crust, toppings, and the delicious smell of this exceptionally beloved food that continues to capture the bellies of countless pizza lovers all over the world. October is National Pizza Month in the US, so why not to celebrate it in Kyiv as well? To help you do this, WO has gathered a list of the best pizza places in Kyiv!


Symona Petliury 22
Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00
Facebook/Instagram @pincellopizza

Pincello is a restaurant offering 13 kinds of delicious wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, each served with the in-house sauce – so you know that love has gone into every slice. Be sure to try Pizza#8 with truffle oil, mozzarella, and spinach (175 UAH) or сlassic style Pizza#1 with mozzarella, rich tomato sauce, and basil (130 UAH). It is a feast worth experiencing. 

Mastro Pizza

Kostiantynivska 19

Mastro is home to Roman pizza al taglio (aka pizza by the slice). The place is owned by pizzaiolo Andrii Zlotko who runs three popular pizza places in Rome. So, what’s unique about Roman pizza? First – the dough. It’s made from a flour mix of durum wheat, rice, and soy flours. The technique for dough preparation allows 48 hours for it to rest, resulting in a texture that’s crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The second factor is the way pizza is served in rectangular-shaped pieces; the wedges can be 200g – 300g per slice. Try a signature pizza with bacon, olives, and feta cheese (60 UAH per 100g) or maybe one with prosciutto and sun-dried tomato (85 UAH per 100g). Bonus offer: get 50% off the second pizza on Monday to Friday from 16.00 – 19.00. 


Velyka Vasylkivska 41
Mon-Sun 11.00 – 23.00
Facebook @pinzarella.kyiv

One more place worth mentioning is Pinzarella, where they offer traditional small-sized pizzas called “pinza”. Here, Borysov’s chefs use 3 kinds of flour and let the dough rest for 28 hours before cooking it – so expect a delicious base. It’s worth trying the pinza with gorgonzola and pear (89 UAH) or the Diavola (89 UAH). 

Mykoly Zakrevskoho 22, Akademika Hlushkova 1, pavilion 7
Mon-Sun 11.00 – 22.00
Facebook/Instagram @hollyfoodkyiv

Hollywood has two locations in Kyiv – one at Film Ua Studio in Troieshchyna district – and the second one at VDNH. Hollyfood does a lot of good things (burgers, salads) but it is their pizza that steals customers’ hearts. Hollyfood’s pizza is just like a Hollywood blockbuster – every bit of crusty, chewy dough is like a different action scene and every topping is like a storyline twist. We recommend the Hum and Brie pizza with creamy sauce, mozzarella, apple, brie and ham (175 UAH) or the Margherita (110 UAH).

Veterano Pizza

Sofiivska 8
Facebook/Instagram @veteranopizza.kyiv

At Veterano Pizza, the pizzas are available in medium and large sizes. Their dough is fluffy, crunchy, and chewy all at the same time, so it is worth trying a big pizza to experience all the textures. If you’re keen to try different flavours, you can choose to split your pizza into two parts with different toppings on each side. You can visit one of their physical locations or place an order on the official website. We recommend getting half-half with pepperoni on one side and Quattro formaggi on the other (260 UAH). 

Even if we can’t go to Italy, we can still enjoy a slice of their delicious flavours right here in Kyiv!

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