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First Museum Of Science In Kyiv

First Museum Of Science In Kyiv

In a normal museum, it’s important to look, listen and silently observe the exhibitions. The first Museum of Science in Kyiv is changing that stigma and encourages you to touch, play and interact with the displays. In fact, it’s forbidden to not touch the exhibits!

The museum offers you a bike ride on square wheels, or a trip to space. You can discover how our body is built, or hold a model of a human brain and various organs. There’s so much to discover at the first state museum of science at VDNG

The largest interactive exhibit of the museum is a glass ceiling that changes color But you can also enter a giant shellfish and understand why you can hear the ocean.  The exhibition “Strange Matter” has an interactive sandbox, “Acoustics” allows you to see your voice, “Human” boasts a range of experiments, “Optics” brings you inside the kaleidoscope, and “Great Inventions” shows you a fantastic scientific film hologram. 

There are many breath-taking things you can discover. But don’t miss your chance to be the person who breaks the glass by a hanging bowling ball. The glass will break by 600,000 hits, and at the moment, it was struck 570,000 times. The organizers cannot wait to see the glass break. 

Address: VDNG, pavilion №23, from 10.00 to 20.00

Price: 50 UAH for children, 100 UAH for adults


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