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Events This Weekend

Events This Weekend

Once again, Kyiv has moved into the orange epidemic zone. But don’t worry, as long as we follow restrictions cultural life keeps going on. Here are our top picks of things to do this weekend.


  1. Ukiyo-E. The Art of the Floating World

This exhibition conjures the very spirit of Japan and presents more than 200 engravings created by Katsushika Hokusai, Kitagawa Utamaro, Toyohara Kunichika and other artists of the 18th – 20th centuries. The organisers urge attendees to pause and immerse themselves in the world of the mysterious East as the rhythm of life in a metropolis is extremely dynamic, with everything changing rapidly and tension is rising day by day. We think that’s pretty good advice. 

The exhibition lasts until 13 December. 

Place: ARTAREA, Sofiyivska Street, 11-15

Tickets: UAH 150-200 (adults), UAH 100-125 (students), UAH 75-100 (children and retired people), UAH 50 (veterans), free ( kids under 7 and people with specific needs) 

2. Bosch, Dali, Picasso + The Magic of Impressionism.

ARTAREA treats you to a large-scale digital installation showcasing masterpieces by the greats themselves. This eye catching show focuses on Dali, Digital Surrealism, Bosch, Chimeras That Come to Life, Picasso, Periods of Genius and the Magic of Impressionism, Monet, and Renoir.

The exhibition lasts until 23 December. 

Place: ARTAREA, Sofiyivska 11-15

Tickets: UAH 150 (adults), UAH 100 (students), UAH 75 (children and retired people), UAH 50 (veterans), free (kids under 7 and people with specific needs) 

3. Zhovten, one of Kyiv’s oldest cinema theatres, is hosting the Kyiv Critics’ Week International Film Festival. It strives to acquaint Ukrainian audiences with the best new films selected by professional Ukrainian film critics. The program includes line-ups of the latest major world film festivals, a thematic retrospective of the classics movies, as well as Kyiv’s premieres of key Ukrainian films of 2020. After each screening, attendees will have a chance to talk to critics. 

The Festival lasts until 28 October.

Place: Zhovten, Kostatynivska 26 

Day tickets: UAH 70

Night tickets: UAH 120,

4. Out of Scope is an international project dedicated to women’s rights and gender. It features famous names such as Ilya Chichkan, Valeria Trubina, Maryna Skugareva, Masha Shubina, Alevtina Kakhidze, and Oleksandr Roitburd. Attendees will see monumental gender-themed paintings, video installations, sculptures, photographs and graphics based on research by the British Council, and many more artefacts. The project was prepared jointly with participants of the European Union program ‘Centre for Gender Culture as a platform for empowerment of women and youth.’ 

It is a fantasy centering on the image of a woman in the modern world as well as an attempt to find an antidote in classical and post-traditional forms and meanings. The project shows  what the world can be like when one perceives limitations as artistic techniques rather than cherish their importance. 

The exhibition lasts until 30 October.

Place: IZONE, Naberezhno-Lugova 8 

5. Editors, a British indie rock band from Birmingham, emerged in 2002. The group’s discography includes six studio albums, two of them went platinum, with a total circulation of several million copies. In Kyiv, the musicians will present their Black Gold album that comprises the best compositions the group created over 15 years. The British rockers visited Ukraine for the first time three years ago and performed at the Zaxidfest. They even shot a video for the song Frankenstein. Now they are coming back to play their first solo concert in Ukraine.

25 October, at 20.00

Place: Stereo Plaza, Lobanovsky pr-t, 119

Tickets: UAH 1 290 – 5 800 

6. Your Shadow Show: the idea of shadow theatre is amazingly simple: as soon as the actor goes behind a translucent screen, animation is brought to life. Dark figures emerge, grow from one another, and change in size. Teulis Shadow Theatre
@ttteulis proves that shadows of a human body can make all fantasies come true.  

Two shows run on 25 October, at 16.00 and 19.00

Place: Kyiv Conservatory, St. Horodetskoho 1-3 / 11

Tickets: from UAH 190


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