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Three After Midnight: A Museum In The Dark

Three After Midnight: A Museum In The Dark

For a sighted person, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine the daily life of someone who is blind or partially sighted. However, there is one Kyiv museum that gives you the chance to spend at least an hour taking in the world without the use of your eyes. Instead of seeing the world, it’s time to taste, smell, hear, and touch it. 

“Three After Midnight” is the only museum in Ukraine where you can take a walk in the dark with a blind guide. You’ll go through five rooms filled with sounds and smells, some of which you might recognise, others less so. A 90-minute tour costs 800-1000 UAH.

Another tour leads you outside the museum, allowing you to “touch” Kyiv and explore your favourite streets with your eyes closed. Two guides – one blind and one sighted – will accompany you, to show how you can perceive the city through sound and smell. This unusual experience lasts an hour, at a cost of 550 UAH. (The price includes an eye mask – a welcome change from the medical masks we’ve all had to get used to.) 

For couples, there’s even a ‘dating’ option (1200 UAH): over the course of a 90-minute quest in the dark with your date, followed by a romantic dinner, you’ll get to know each other better than ever. The question is, will you be capable of writing a love letter in pitch darkness?

In addition to providing fun and unique experiences, “Three After Midnight” has a somewhat more serious mission: to get people thinking about blindness and visual impairment, and how we can make our spaces more tolerant and inclusive for everyone. 

So that you can enjoy your tour worry-free, the museum has taken all the necessary COVID-19 protective measures – so put on your mask, and come to find out what the dark can teach you. 

Three After Midnight
Honchara 45v

Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 – 22.00

Visit the website to book a tour


Instagram: museum_in_the_dark_0300

Phone: +38 073 345 03 00


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