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Сhoose your Identity

Сhoose your Identity

This is a story about the myth and image each of us, intentionally or unwittingly, perpetuates through social media. In April last year, Ukrainian artist Misha Alekseenko, after two months of preparation, flew at the invitation of Hollywood to work on a new project. At least, that’s what he told his friends…


The fact is, the artist closed himself off for a month in his apartment in Troeshchyna and began to weave a fictitious story. Traveling on Google maps, using Photoshop and actively posting on social networks – he told his fictitious Hollywood story. Having created this illusion, he managed to convince the majority of his friends and followers he really was on the other side of the Atlantic.
Alekssenko called the experiment Hollywood – Troeshchyna, and it paid dividends. He took home the Grand Prix competition of young Ukrainian artists at MUHi 2017.

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