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10 FREE mobile apps to make your life easier

10 FREE mobile apps to make your life easier

The two largest application platforms – Apple’s App Store and Google Play – feature more than 5 million apps. Most of them, more or less, were created as a means of entertaining, assisting, or educating. In fact, not many mobile applications appear to be really useful or supportive in practice at all. We’ve sorted through the various lot of those available to arrive at ones that will literally help cope with everyday life. Plus, these are absolutely free!

  1. Calm – to remove stress
    Your use of Calm will start with a deep breath followed by seven days of self-care, mindfulness, and meditation.
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.9/4.6
  2. Grammarly Keyboard – to stop misspelling
    Grammarly does not allow poor spelling or mistakes to get through your texts (even after the fifth cocktail).
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.5/4.0
  3. Waze – to beat the traffic
    Turn on Waze to figure out what is happening on the roads and draw up the quickest and safest route to any city spot.
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.4/4.6
  4. Wallet – to budget and control spending
    Install Wallet to track your сosts wisely, steer clear of unbudgeted expenses, and help avoid going broke isn’t an option two weeks before pay day.
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.5/4.5
  5. Moment/Quality Time – to spend less time online
    A few minutes after getting up, then a glimpse at lunch, on the way home, and before bed. Keep Moment switched on and you’ll be surprised at how much time you spend on your mobile phone (spoiler: NOT just a few minutes).
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.7/4.2
  6. IFTTT – to schedule everything
    If This Then That (IFTTT) gets things in order by pairing up apps and devices you use. Want to receive the latest news with the first sip of your morning coffee? Easy!
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.7/4.3
  7. WiFi Map – to get free Internet in the here and now
    WiFi Map knows all the free WiFi spots and passwords around your location and perfectly works without Internet access.
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.8/4.3
  8. JEFIT – to stay in good shape
    JEFIT will keep an eye on your body 24/7, track fitness results, and overwhelm your phone with push notifications in case you miss a scheduled workout. Double dare you!
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.7/4.5
  9. Stylicious – to manage your wardrobe
    With Stylicious you will no longer forget about that fabulous shirt you bought last summer. Along with creating interesting lookbooks with your clothes, the app will become your personal virtual stylist at no cost.
    Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 3.1/3.8
  10. – to travel seamlessly covers flights, train tickets, and hotels to help travellers easily plan and manage trips to more than 200 countries.Available: iOS, Android
    Rating: 4.9/4.2


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