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Theatre & Classical Music (September)

Theatre & Classical Music (September)

No Drama, Drummer!

The Drummers of Japan (JP, percussive performance)

National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)

September 23 at 19.00

September 24 at 12.00

What comes to mind when you think of the land of the rising sun? Sushi, sake, sakura, samurai, strength of spirit… Now imagine all these aspects expressed in a spectacular, bold, and explosive show that injects a vibrant and compelling energy. The Drummers of Japan come to Ukraine’s capital to share a fantastic experience delivered with physical grace, impressive acting skills, unflagging enthusiasm, cultural authenticity, and a refined taste, with audiences. Borrowing from tradition dating back a thousand years, these Japanese drummers are taking the world by storm. Prepare for an amazing evening.

Tickets: 20-500UAH


As Modern As It Gets

In Pivo Veritas & Up the River (UA, Kyiv Modern Ballet)

Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth (Mezhyhirska 2)

15 September at 19.00

It seems to follow an old familiar line; however, you never guess how the story will end. This is a defining feature of the Kyiv Modern Ballet renowned for staging classical tales with a contemporary twist. Over a decade, the creative team, led by charismatic Moldova-born choreographer Radu Poklitaru, has been producing innovative performances – a sophisticated fusion of dance, music, dramatics, and philosophy. The new season opens with two one-act ballets – In Pivo Veritas, set to Irish folk music, and Up the River, based on works by Fitzgerald and Goethe. “In Love, there is truth, say those plunging into the world of plastic fantasies and physical expression.

Tickets: 60-300UAH


The Zone: Within and Beyond

The Stalkers (UA, drama)

Co-production by Zoloti Vorota Theatre and Kyiv Academic Molodyi Theatre (Prorizna 17)

20 September at 19.00

The scene of the worst nuclear accident humanity has ever experienced or a new mecca for adventure tourists, either way, Chornobyl must ring a bell for you. Thirty years later, the entire vicinity the explosion devastated and poisoned remains largely abandoned. Only those few who failed to settle down somewhere else inhabit the Exclusion Zone. Cut off from the outside world, the ghost people – a freak old lady with her sickly daughter and half-witted grandson – dwell in the ghost land with no border between reality and dreams.  The Stalkers, a dark comedy by Ukrainian Pavlo Arie, shows the tragedy of those surviving but not living…

Tickets: 100-500UAH


Nights in the Gardens of Spain and The Three-Cornered Hat

Two one-act ballets

17 September at 19.00

Tickets: 20-400UAH

National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)


Actor Underground

Fight Club, special project (premier)

17 September at 21.00

Tickets: 80-120UAH

Actor Theatre (Velyka Zhytomirska 40)


The Stolen Happiness

Love triangle, plastic drama performance

20 September at 19.00

Tickets: 180UAH

Zoloti Vorota (Shovkovychna 7A)


Take Off Your Clothes and Let’s Talk

Romantic comedy, part of the Before and After Sex shows

20 September at 19.30

Tickets: 120-520UAH

Caribbean Club (Petlyury 4)



Two-act opera in Italian

21 September at 19.00

Tickets: 20-300UAH

National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)


An Enemy of the People (DrStockmann)

Two-act staged performance based on Henrik Ibsen’s play

24 September at 19.00

Tickets: 30-220UAH

Lesia Ukrainka Theatre (Bohdana Khmelnytskoho 5)


Gala Сoncert

The show marks the 85th anniversary of Ukrainian famous singer Solovyanenko

26 September at 19.00

Tickets: 20-500UAH

National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)


Gagarin and Barcelona

Contemporary stories by Ukrainian writers and poets

28 September 28 at 19.00

Tickets: 200UAH

Kyiv Academic Molodiy Theatre (Prorizna 17)


Valentyn Silvestrov Turns 80!

Academic Symphony Orchestra playing music by the famous Ukrainian composer

29 September at 19.00

Tickets: 80-400UAH

National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2)


Mozart’s Requiem

The great Austrian composer’s final work

29 September at 19.00

Tickets: 20-400UAH

National Opera Theatre of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)


Jazz Season

Big Band of the National Academic Brass Band

30 September 30 at 19.00

Tickets: 70-350UAH

National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2)


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