A Green Grand Opening

Natalia Kurtyak
15 June 2018

Following a four-year pause, one of Kyiv’s most powerful event platforms – Green Theatre, is back in business. Though shrouded in mystery and scandal, the venue still attracts locals and visitors in droves.
Known and loved in recent years for its electro-parties, Green Theatre has a history that well predates locals’ affinity to this funky outdoor space. Its two retaining walls were actually built as part of the fortification of the Pechersk Fortress in the mid-19th century, though the construction was never used for military purposes.
Following WWII, with the city’s downtown completely destroyed, it was decided the building would be transformed into an open-air cinema/amphitheatre for up to 4 000. It proved a popular attraction at the time. Not long after however October Palace and Hydropark were developed and Green Theatre fell into disrepair.
In fact, the venue has caught fire several times in its long existence, though the causes have never been determined. Hit by lightening, the punchline of a bad joke, or an easy out for someone’s bankruptcy problems, no one knows. In fact, there are just as many stories and legends in relation to the number of catastrophes it has suffered. One of the more well-known includes the ‘landlord’, a spirit that lives in the theatre which tolerates no mischief on the part of visitors. In fact, tradition states that if you greet the ‘real resident’ of the venue upon arrival you should be safe and sound.
Though the theatre has also operated as a dancehall, it was returned to the state in which we see it today in 2011. Conflicts between renters and the city saw the prosecutor’s office close it down in 2014. Though lucky for Kyiv, it has risen once again, like a phoenix from the ashes. In fact, very little has changed since it was erected in the 1800s, and the ancient and abandoned look of the walls stand in sharp contradiction to the modern equipment used for today’s late-night events. Typically open from late spring until early autumn, a number of great events are on the horizon for Kyiv’s Green Theatre!

Though Green Theatre, known in local circles as Zelyonka, has traditionally been associated with electro-music parties, feature some pretty important international names are happening here this summer.

The Cancel
(UA, instrumental hip hop, jazz rap)
16 June at 20:00
250 UAH
Come and listen to a story without words – Case. Only you, jazz, and the enigmatic Detective Christopher Orpheus.

(BE, r&b, soul, hip hop and electronic)
17 June at 20:00
499 UAH

Jinte Deprez, part of the indie pop and rock group Balthazar, is headed back to Ukraine with his solo project J. Bernardt and debut album Running Days. His original sound is the result of experiments with electronic music and strong vocals.

Concrete Bass Party
23 June at 23:00
200 UAH
Get ready to let your hair down, because when Basside DJs meet Salat Party the results are unforgettable. FYI – there’s a special guest from Europe on the lineup.

Tekashi 6ix9ine
28 June at 20:00
940 UAH
Daniel Hernandez, also known as Tekashi69, is a very ambiguous rapper. Famous for aggressive vocals and slightly scandalous nature, Tekashi 6ix9ine is a new brand of rap you don’t want to miss.

(UK, blues, indie rock)
18 July at 20:00
759 UAH
For those who love blues, Fink’s new album Resurgram is worth a listen. After years of working with different styles of music, Fin Greenall is trying something new.

Green Theatre
Parkova Doroha 2

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