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A Ukrainian Vacation Spot Like No Other

A Ukrainian Vacation Spot Like No Other

An exciting and fascinating summer getaway awaits  

Ukraine’s southern lands are calling you; answer them and discover one of Ukraine’s most beautiful holiday spots: Zeleni Khutory Tavriyi. Translated as “Green Farms of Tavria” in English, it is one of Ukraine’s hidden gems that truly has something for everyone. Nestled in the Kherson region, it’s the perfect spot for a family vacation, offering a variety of unique outdoor and indoor activities. The vacation spot was created in 2008 when several private households at the location decided to launch the eco-touristic project to create a travel destination that combines cultural-educational, entertainment, and ecological components. Keep reading to discover more about this fascinating destination.

Open the Door to Excitement

The main idea behind the project at Zeleny Khutory Tavryi is to promote cultural traditions and develop ecological awareness while providing an entertaining place for people to stay. A khurtir is a Ukrainian word that refers to a single homestead settlement, and at Zeleni Khutory Tavryi every khutir offers a particular type of craft that visitors can try. These include pottery, soap making, and carpentry to name a few. Initially, there were only 10 khutirs; however, due to the project’s great success, this number has risen to 47 in just three years. For each craft, there is a skilled instructor who is ready to teach you the tricks of the trade while demonstrating their unique abilities. If you’re proud of what you create, you can take it home with you – a neat souvenir to remember your time there. And, if you’re impressed by the master’s skills, you can buy their work of art, too!

Happiness Comes In Choices

One thing’s for certain: there’s no getting bored at Zeleni Khutory Tavryi. There’s an endless array of exciting, informative, and endearing activities you can try – and with a starting price of only 25 UAH, you’ll be able to do as many as you like!

If you’re into educational activities, you’ll love learning how to brew kvas, make gingerbread, or learn about Ukrainian haircuts. Maybe you’re keen to learn more about Ukrainian history? Then you’ll love the on-site museum that showcases historic and modern aspects of everyday life for locals, such as relics, customs, and crafts. However, if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, don’t worry, the place covers 100 hectares of land, boasting lush greenery and beautiful views at every angle. You could go for a massive hike and discover calm ponds, wooden bridges, and tall forests; with all that area, you’ll find many spots for a private picnic. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors but also wants a kick of adrenaline, you can spend your day mastering your horseback riding skills. Imagine galloping through green fields with the gentle breeze on your face – sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? And that’s not all – you can also do some rock climbing, fly a tarzan, and learn to shoot a gun!

If this sounds like your sort of summer escape, then head on down to Zeleni Khutory Tavriyi. It is located in Kherson Oblast near Kardashynka village. On the P57 road from Oleshky to Hola Prystan you’ll notice a sign “To Zeleni Khutory”, which will lead you there. Currently, they have fewer visitors to ensure people’s safety due to COVID-19. 

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1) Khutirs existed in Kozak-settled lands, which are territories located in the lower Don River basin. Some kozaks referred to these types of settlements as posyolok or selyshche. There was a period in history when rich peasants “privatised” their share of the land, and built khutirs where they settled on their individually owned properties. 

2) Old Ukrainian stories spoke of Znahar. He is what people would call “a witch doctor”; someone who cures sickness, alleviates people’s pain, and forces evil spirits away (нечиста сила as Ukrainians say). It is noted that Znaha held rituals where he would cast spells to perform exorcists. Znahar was also knowledgeable with herbs, which he used for healing. 

 Ukraine’s southern lands are calling you; answer them and discover one of Ukraine’s most beautiful holiday spots: Zeleni Khutory Tavriyi.


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