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A Very Hipster Christmas

A Very Hipster Christmas

The Hipster craze was slow to really catch on here in Kyiv, and not because it doesn’t have gumption. With facial hair, flannel shirts, and beat-up old Cons causing a stir across the capital, don’t let FOMO strike – get into the groove and go cray cray this Christmas.

Decorate with purpose
Head to Radio Rynok and invest in a few first model Nokia phones. Tie pretty ribbons from last year’s gifts through the slit at the top and use as this year’s decorations. And! Don’t forget your yolka! Only this year, leave the tree in the forest and garland up a standing lamp or ladder.

Drink with distinction
There is nothing like creating, and that means your homemade hooch. Let’s rename it though to give it a moniker slightly more refined, such as, let’s say, oohhh, a bitter. Bitters are a Brit term for beer, but can also be herbal preparations used in cocktails. Make your own and you will be the talk of the town at this year’s Christmas part-ay!

Sing By Yourself
While Christmas music sounds through every speaker in nearly every shopping mall this year, forgo the holiday spirit and jam out to an esoteric selection of tunes from your dad’s vinyl collection.

** Important: pay little to no attention to the looks of amusement from passersby.

Go Gluten-free
Say bye-bye to Turkey and so-long stuffing – go gluten-free vegan this year with servings from your local food truck in Shevchenko Park. There, you’re sure to run into other such like-minded individuals where you can instantly upload Instagram photos of your Christmas dinner and then print them out on their Instagram Printer.

Celebrate the Day
While 25 December might be a holiday here this year, you’re going to want to celebrate a couple days ahead of the curve. Festivus occurs on 23 December and is a great alternative to the pressures and commercialism of the holiday season. Air your grievances and then go around calling easily explained occurrences as Festivus miracles – you’ll never have a better holiday.

Nothing says From Me To You, and means it, like these Gifts for a Hipster

  1. Cards For Humanity

An online PC version of the popular card game, only in that it gives you the opportunity to donate to children while laughing at how despicable you and your friends really are.!/

  1. Recycled Paper Notebook

Save the planet and your uneasy relationships with your pubescing teens by giving a gift that says you care about both. A notebook with recycled paper enclosed by leather the colour of cognac from cows that were grass-fed and got to put their feet up every night.

  1. Whiskey Stones

Freeze ‘em, then drop ‘em into your glass of room temperature whiskey to bring it down that ideal one degree. Of course, you’ll need to drink quick in order to keep it at that temp, but you’re glass will never look cooler (and neither will you).

  1. Photo Frames

Know someone with an Instagram account? It’s likely they’ve posted a photo or two (hundred) of dinner at some point. And if they’re really old school, they’ll totally appreciate a place to put their favourite. Grab one or go for the gold and grab a few, they interlock! Neat, huh..?

  1. A Hammock

Because, well, who doesn’t just need to kick back and chill every once in awhile.

Lana Nicole Niland
From all of us here at What’s On, we would like to wish you and yours a fabulous holiday season. May you remember, understand, and feel the spirit of Christmas in your homes and hearts long into 2018.

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