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Festive Gift Hunting – A Survival Guide

Festive Gift Hunting – A Survival Guide

The commercialism of the holiday season is, like it or not, here to stay. Christmas holidays are now synonymous with spending money. Every shop window vies for your attention and purchasing power.What’s On offers some tips on how to shop smarter and survive.
First, as Santa would do, make a list and check it twice – understand who’s been naughty or nice. In all seriousness, shortlist alternatives for gift ideas, then go through the list and look at it from the perspective of those you are buying for. Sometimes it’s not your husband who wants a new convection oven with all the bells and whistles, that’s you. Likewise, your girlfriend probably isn’t going to be over the moon with rechargeable batteries. You get the point. After a little due diligence you’ll probably find the real list is not that long at all. And that’s good – the fewer alternatives you have, the easier the choice.
When it comes to women, there’s no better gift than a shopping spree. Be smart here and give a gift certificate – then you can be sure the actual gift is something she wants. A GC for a make-up and hairstyling is also an option, which is something that can also work for guys who aren’t shop-a-phobes.

At #LOVEfp womenswear fashion brand, you can grab a gift certificate either online or in-store. The Ukrainian brand offers hand-tailored designs and accessories with a glass of champagne while you shop. She will love it! The average price for a dress is 120 USD.
Lesya Ukrainka 7B

If you know his or her beauty product preferences, a Brocard gift certificate is always an option. Brocard is Ukraine’s oldest chain of beauty shops. Special for the season, they have 40% off everything online and in-store.

Cosmetology gift certificates are also a nice gift for anyone. G-Bar is great for ladies under 25, while women in their late 20s+ will appreciate the style of Ruki-Nozhnitsi, and both offer a wide range of beauty services. For the guys, get in touch with Chop-Chop and grab a GC for haircut, shave or trim of facial hair, while your man tosses back a glass of whiskey.

If a gift certificate just does not work for you, think of something fashionable every girl craves, but something that doesn’t need specific tailoring. A boycap is a hot fashion trend this season and doesn’t need fitting.
Where to find :
Ruslan Baginskiy Hats
Insta @baginskiy_hats
Cover number One

Another great way to make a gift unforgettable is to present an experience, and Bodo has this idea down pat. Here you can buy gifts that range from horseback riding to chocolate massage! There are numerous master classes and weekend tours up for grabs, with prices very reasonable!

Chocolate master classes are also widely popular at the moment, especially with top-notch Ukrainian chocolaterie Lvivska Maysternya. Book for a minimum of four people, with an average price per person starting at 250 UAH.

If romance is on the brain, take a bow and present him or her with dance classes! Cha-cha, rumba, or salsa will add to the Christmas atmosphere and may inspire a lasting passion!
Big Dance

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