Accompanist (UA, solo performance)

16 July 2018

Every Dog Has Its Day
23 September at 19.30
Kyiv Academic Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
With this one-act play by French playwright Marcel Mithois, Kyiv’s legendary musical theatre launches its new experimental Stage Lab located on the basement floor. The show is dedicated to all those, apart from actors and directors, involved in theatre production. Indeed, a crucial part of stage performance unravels behind the scenes. Though invisible to the house, the backstage crew are an equally important driving force behind the overall success of a production. The main protagonist is an accompanist who always plays sidekick to prima donnas. Yet, one day, fate brings the second violinist into the spotlight by chance. Grab a ticket to learn what happens next.
Tickets: 200 UAH


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