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All that Glitters isn’t Gold!

All that Glitters isn’t Gold!

Just as we send What’s On to print, a story breaks that confirms in more detail Russian links to the Brexit vote back in June 2016. This of course should come as little shock to anyone. Russia not only has a history of meddling in the politics of other countries but benefits from it, as it lessens the likelihood for popular protest back on its own turf.
According to various UK papers, the Russian link to Brexit is Mr Arron Banks. As one of the self-styled “Bad Boys of Brexit”, he features heavily in a book of the same name, which may well come back to bite him on the ass. Previously, Mr Banks had declared just one meeting with Russia’s Ambassador to the UK. Now there seems significant evidence that Banks had a series of meetings with said Ambassador.
With Banks married to a Russian national, there could be legitimate reason for this. However. In October of 2017 and April of this year, the website started questioning how Banks would have managed to afford his funding of the Brexit campaign. Turns out he was offered the opportunity to become owner of six Russian gold mines…
Something shiny was dangled in front of Banks – it appears, and he fell for it – it appears.
Just another lesson: all that glistens isn’t gold.

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