AmChams in Europe Annual Conference 2018: Delivering the Voice of Business in Washington, D.C.

15 May 2018

B2U – promoting Ukraine internationally as an attractive investment destination along with spreading the good news about Ukraine on the other side of the Atlantic – is one of the pillars of the great mission set forth by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. In April 2018, AmCham delegates from 27 countries across Europe participated in an annual conference in Washington, D.C.. AmCham Ukraine President Andy Hunder and Vice President Tetyana Prokopchuk delivered the voice of members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine at briefings with the biggest business-association in the world – the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, congressional briefings on Capitol Hill, along with a number of bilateral meetings.
AmCham Ukraine in partnership with Baker McKenzie held an exclusive event in the heart of D.C. entitled Ukraine’s Business Outlook: A Diamond in the Rough. The international business community along with members and partners of AmCham Ukraine gathered in the office of Baker McKenzie with a great view of the White House to get insights on where Ukraine stands in 2018. President Hunder presented an overview on current challenges and opportunities of doing business in Ukraine, its investment potential, and business climate.

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