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Anti-corruption Activist Dies Following Acid Attack

Anti-corruption Activist Dies Following Acid Attack

While we like to keep our news light-hearted, this is an important story we cannot and will not ignore. Three months ago, Kateryna Handziuk was attacked in the city of Kherson, where a gruesome acid assault left her with burns to 40% of her body. On 4 November, she died as a result of her horrific injuries. We mourn the loss of Handziuk, and at the same time condemn the authorities for not having done enough to find the people responsible.

There is speculation that those involved in the attack may have ties to local law enforcement. Whether that is true or not, it seems certainly true that law enforcement, in this case, have not done anywhere near enough to enforce the law. In the immediate aftermath of this tragedy, the nation’s top cop, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, announced that he would resign, as accusations of a lack of investigative follow-up were levelled against him and his office. His resignation has not been accepted. And while he remains in his job, Handziuk was buried on 7 November.

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