01 June 2018

4-10 June

(Shovkovychna 13/2)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Snack set – 225 g: assorted bruschetta (mini caprese, Camembert with onion jam, prosciutto with sun-dried tomatoes, pears cheese Dorblu), chicken liver pate in a tangerine glaze

Viet Bar
(V.Vasylkivska 21)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Set of three kinds of spring rolls with sauces – 360 g/180 g: chicken, shrimp, tofu

White Bar
(Shota Rustaveli 11)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Tapas set – 240 g: Tuna in five spices, capicola own withers, sweet pepper with feta, zucchini with tuna

(Lva Tolstoho St 39)
Martini Riserva Ambrato & Tonic / Martini Riserva Rubino & Tonic
Snack set – 675 g: popcorn chicken with delicate cream sauce, OMG big burger with juicy meat and hot cheese for 2

Tarantino Grill & Wine Bar
(Sahaydachnoho 35)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Snack Set – 300 g: scallop ceviche with grapefruit ponzu, assorted olives, salmon tartar, bruschetta with roast beef, bruschetta with tuna and guacamole

(Rusanivska naberezhna 8; Svyatoshynska 3a; V.Vasylkivska 32)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Salad Set – 580 g: salad with ricotta, tomatoes and prosciutto, salad with eggplant and Stracciatella cheese

(Fedorova 4)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Assorted sashimi on ice (salmon, tuna, bream, shrimp, eel) – 250 g

Cafe Select Eatery
(V.Vasylkivska 1-3)
Martini Riserva Ambrato & Tonic / Martini Riserva Rubino & Tonic
Wild Argentinian prawns with grilled tomato salsa – 150 g / 100 g

Bezdelniki Bar
(Saksahanskoho 38)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Set snacks – 460 g: babaganush (baked pepper, Greek yogurt, paprika, sesame), hummus corn (chickpeas, zira, corn mash, olive oil, salt, pepper), hummus beetroot (chickpeas, zir, baked beets, olive oil, salt, pepper)

Maral bar
(Shota Rustaveli 15A)
Martini Bianco & Tonic / Martini Rosso & Tonic
Mix bruschetta (4 pieces) – 350 g: venison, brie cheese, rucola, pink grapes, cranberry sauce, concasse tomatoes, basil, Yalta onion, olives, olives, cream cheese

Dip me!
Delivery Service
(Turhenivska 48)
Martini Bianco 500 ml & Tonic 500 ml / Martini Rosso 500 ml & Tonic 500 ml
Snack set for 5-6 people with delivery – 2 100 g (600 UAH): a dip with basil and pink pepper, onion and apple marmalade, Camembert and Maasdam cheese, ham, olives, mini profiteroles with cream cheese, pesto and pistachios (15 pcs), crackers with herbs, grissini, figs, vegetable sticks, fruit, nuts.

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