Architecture. Mandalas. Dvoira

15 February 2018

The home in which Anna Akhmatova wrote her first collection of poems. The house that features representations of Atlanteans on Lyuteranska where Maxim Gorky once lived. The endocrinology hospital on Reitarskaya where Nikolai Amosov worked. All of these beautiful examples of architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries form the basis of the Dvoira project.
In 2016, professional photographer Vera Shelest decided her stockpile of photos of Kyiv facades, which she took on city walks, needed to be used in some way. Experiments in Photoshop resulted in appealing kaleidoscopes, and a little later the photographer used them in textile prints on her other passion – women’s scarves. Thus, in March 2017 the Dvoira brand was created.
The first collection consisted of 10 scarves, two of which were bought by Ukrainians from New York and Israel. Other products are now on sale: T-shirts, skirts, magnets, cup holders, and postcards covering the history of these houses. In addition, Shelest has held two photographic exhibitions, the first of which was devoted to the Day of Kyiv.
Not only a commercial project, it’s also a way of attracting public attention to dilapidated, but important old heritage buildings that need restoration, and yet still retain their previous grandeur.

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