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Art (August -September)

Art (August -September)

Emotional Summer
Art exhibition by Oleksandr Yanovych
31 July – 19 August
Bilyy Svit (Pushkinska 21)
Don’t hesitate to visit this fourth exhibition by young up-and-coming artist – Oleksandr Yanovych. His active and versatile works are the result of what you would expect from a passionate and prolific creator. Look forward to reflecting on the great deal of ideas Yanovych puts into his works. Main themes include: landscapes, animals, and portraits. This exhibition is like a patchwork of impressions and emotions running the full gamut from anxiety to carelessness, all represented in a diversity of images.

Local time. Episode II. King Lear
Art exhibition by Alina Maksimenko
24 July – 8 September
Shcherbenko Art Centre (Mykhaykivska 22v)
This is a must-visit if you’re looking to turn your perception of reality upside down. Divided into three sections – a video triptych and two series of paintings One Look and Fisherman’s Dream, the exhibition consists of three fictional stories, contrasting at first glance but connected by similar ideas: the concept of time and how it changes our beliefs, place in society, and leads to  re-evaluating life. It is about reconsidering values, and is an opportunity to see how things can be quite different from the expectations we, and the people around us, place upon us.

The Modern Newts
Exhibition of works by Krolikowski Art
5 July – 19 August
Dymchuk Gallery (Yaroslavska 21)

Modern art exhibition
29 July – 26 August
Art Zavod Platforma: AkT Art Space
(Bilomorska 1a)

Exhibition of works by Alisa Onipchenko
2 August – 25 August
Art Space Kolovorot (Zolotovoritska 2a)

The Bodyline
Exhibition of works by Honoured Artist of Ukraine Natalia Papirna
Starting 9 August
Lera Litvinova Gallery (Zvirynetska 47)

First international mini print triennial
4-30 September
Bilyy Svit (Pushkinska 21)

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