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Art (November – December)

Art (November – December)

21 November – 27 January
Mystetsky Arsenal (Lavrska 10-12)
Come and observe an international research and exhibition project curated by art institutions from Ukraine and the Netherlands. More than 15 countries have participated in the project that covers events, the problems with democracy, and the consequences that crisis can bring. Some 36 contemporary artists reflect on the issues of revolutionary events, and analyse the roots of this social phenomena. The main focus is on the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine and how art can influence events. This exhibition provides the chance for visitors to form their own opinions about the Revolution of Dignity and the place of art in revolutionary events.
30-60 UAH

23 October – 30 November
Tsekh Art Gallery (Kyrylivska 69)
In an era of rapid technological progress, people’s ways of life have changed radically. Physical activity, which is the main theme of this exhibition, is no exception. If in the 20th century physical activity was a platform for propaganda and politics, now people are more focused on ‘working’ on themselves. Think of amateur athletes who post photos on social networks almost daily. However, in this exhibition, Yevgeny Petrov aspires to show sporting activity from a different point of view. The artist seeks to recreate the experience of true athletes, for whom sport is an immanent goal, rather than some obscure “cult” designed for attention. Free

Salut Armen
1 November – 22 November
Bursa Gallery (Kostiantynivska 11)

Letters from Babylon
30 October – 18 November
Bilyy Svit (Pushkinska 21)

Live, do not be afraid
18 October – 25 November
Dymchuk Gallery (Yaroslavska 21)

2 November – 20 November
Karas Gallery (Andriivskiy Descent 22a)

Look for a Woman!
31 October – 20 November
French Institute in Ukraine (Olesia Honchara 84)

What am I Doing Here?
15 November – 16 December
Voloshyn Gallery (Tereschenkivska 13)

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