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Art (September – October)

Art (September – October)

Lesia Khomenko and Her School
Exhibition of works by Lesia Khomenko
6 September – 7 October
Voloshyn Gallery (Tereshchenkivska 13)
The result of collaboration between Lesia Khomenko and her students from KAMA has come to fruition. At this exhibition you can take in portraits that are far from ordinary and well-composed not only in the visual aspect, but that are also in the less noticeable details, such as the materials used for the canvas and paints. For example, mounting the canvas beyond the frame is not usually accepted as it makes the general picture distorted. However, this is the power the artist holds – Khomenko carries the viewer’s attention further to include the overall process of framing an artwork. The exhibition gives you an opportunity to reflect on such issues as trust, self-irony, and the problems associated with the Ukrainian education system.

Exhibition of works by Ukrainian artists
20 August – 20 Septembe
TV centre Olivets (Melnykova 42)
Now, at a time of technology and its rapid development, people are striving for perfection. A modern person is urged to have an aim in life, and to strive for it. However, does it really work like that? Is perfectionism worth the endless effort? Are people really improving? These are the main ideas of the exhibition of more than 20 contemporary Ukrainian artists. It’s about the reevaluation of life priorities. Besides the expo, some lectures and meetings are also featured. Come, visit, and reflect.

We Were Here
Exhibition by photographer Anton Shebetko
30 August – 7 October
IZONE (Naberezhno-Luhova 8)

Art exhibition by Askold Kucher
12 September – 25 September
Triptych ART (Desiatynna 13)

Exhibition of digital art by Andrey Kasay
15 September – 25 September
Bursa Gallery (Kostiantynivska 11)

Chronicles of Future Races
Exhibition of works by Bondero
6 September – 14 October
Dymchuk Gallery (Yaroslavska 21)

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