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Be my Valentine?

Be my Valentine?

The International Day of Love is on the horizon. Forgo the chocolate, maybe not the flowers, and be a little more creative.
As February nears, one of the greatest western traditions, which has become an obsession thanks to heavy marketing, is Valentine’s Day. It is still a mystery how Ukrainians managed to survive without this mandatory ‘dating ritual’, however, now that it’s here, we’re just as obsessed!

Guys Just Think Different

I’m just as much of a sucker when it comes to V-day as the next guy, and in wanting to plan the perfect outing, I’ve had a few mishaps. Once, I invited a girl horse riding but failed to tell her the details. She arrived in heels – not the best shoes for the occasion, and was less than impressed. Another time I invited a girl to a restaurant, which, as it turned out, did not accept bankcards, and had zero cash. I had to borrow money from a girl I had met just a few days before, not cool!
To help you get ahead of the game, I’m pleased to offer a few tips to help you create a special day for your Valentine.

A Little Advice
1. Plan ahead – details matter, especially to the ladies.
2. Be romantic.
3. If something goes awry, treat it as an adventure.

Of course, you can always go with a nice dinner and after the cinema is always an option. However, in case you want to do something a little different, I made a few calls to some of my more successful buddies in the romance stakes and came up with a few top options.

Option 1
At the top of my list is one of the best art galleries in Kyiv – Spivakovska Art:Ego located in the centre of the city. They offer the unforgettable experience of creating a masterpiece to express your mutual ardour. If you are not artists, an experienced art instructor is on hand to guide you in the process. The highlight of the date will be a romantically decorated dining table in another room. All options can be discussed according to your desires and preferences, and it can all be done in English!
(Saksaganskoho 59B)
+38 068 305 4000

Option 2
BODO is a service specialising in adventure. Their mission is to bring you the best experience possible and they have more than 400 adventures available. Unfortunately, their website is in only local languages, but if you call their number they will be glad to re-direct you to an English speaking manager. It is advisable to first scroll through their website, it’s full of photos to understand fully the options available. My recommendation is, of course, the horse ride. It lasts an hour-and-a-half and costs between 600 to 900 UAH. They’ll even throw in an instructor if you need one. Gents – just remember to warn your ladies about the shoes.
+38 044 593 33 22

Option 3
Should you choose to go and see a movie, don’t just settle for your average multiplex. I’m talking take it to the next level with Re/luxe cinema. As a luxury venue, you can comfortably wine and dine while you watch your movie. The finger-food menu from their chef and signature cocktails or wine of your choice will make your time there more than memorable. They bill themselves as a ‘movie restaurant’ and prove it with their approach to service. Unfortunately, their site does not have an English version, but they can answer any question you might have over the phone.
(Stepana Bandery 34V)
+38 080 030 0600

Option 4
One more helpful resource is Love Event, a business that specialises in organising special events, including extravagant dating locations with a romantic atmosphere guaranteed. I’ve not tried it, but have heard only good things.

Ladies and gents, dating can be minefield, so I wish you the best of luck!
Serzh Velychanskyi

PS – always remember your bank card!

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