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Best New Local Release

Best New Local Release

Fog Lavender is the third album from Kyiv-based music project Blooms Corda. Their debut, Monodance was released in 2015, with follow-up Gigotosia (meaning ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’) dropping in 2016.

In what has become tradition for the group, they first present their new music in live format, then post tracks in music platforms. This time, the long-play was presented at the Perchersk Cultural Centre, one of the oldest cultural centers of Ukraine, with a history dating back to the end of the 19th century.

Blooms Corda resolutely cling to their own style and are always themselves, without repeating recurring themes. Even better, with each album their music becomes more recognisable and unique, crystallising their signature style. As frontman Danil Halyko tells it, their style is “blues that want to be funk”, making it an ideal soundtrack for cold autumn evenings.

Characteristically, their lyrics cannot be confused with other Ukrainian-language performers, determined to stamp their difference in innovative ways. For the first time, they have turned their art towards a focus on social problems in their lyrics – the last song on the latest long-play features the refrain: “Who will come to say that there is no war anymore?”

Halyko is the brains behind all the music and lyrics. Every album represents a record of his work but he welcomes the input of others in their creation. He also diversifies: Halyko sells drawings made at the time of writing the album to raise additional money for recording.

The new release includes eight songs, among which you can hear a collaboration with Latvian musician Kaspars Tobis.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. Kolo
2. Mozhe
3. Plateau
4. Moya California
5. Sapphire (feat. Kaspars Tobis)
6.Vechirka na odnogo
7. Kodzuro
8. Hto pryide (feat. Sophistication) 

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