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Best Picks for Entertainment

Best Picks for Entertainment

What’s On Kyiv’s Definitive Guide to #Quarantine&Chill

Already binged-watched your way through all that Netflix has to offer? Can’t be bothered purchasing a VPN just to access Disney+? Are you looking to discover new shows, indie films, or something produced in Ukraine? Well, we’ve compiled a list of our best bets for more entertainment during your quarantine. 

Apple TV: Apple is a newcomer to the streaming-game, but everyone knows that when Apple decides to do something, they do it well. 

Must See: The Morning Show boasts A-list talent and has a lot of buzz, while For All Mankind looks at what the world would be like if the USSR won the space race.

Cost: 137 UAH for a monthly subscription.

Amazon Prime: With a catalogue of over 700 films and TV series — including some of the best original blockbusters — Amazon Prime is one of the world’s most popular streaming services.

Must See: From Veep to Fleabag to Mr Robot, Amazon is on its ‘A game’ when it comes to streaming. Best sure to check out The Americans if you feel like a moody, Cold War / KGB-type ride.

Cost: 178 UAH for a monthly subscription.

Criterion Channel: This is the service for true film buffs, with independent gems and cinema classics to satisfy even the fussiest critics.

Must See: Why not get to know some of the true masters of the craft, like Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, or Akira Kurosawa? 

Cost: Free 2-week trial for new users.

HBO: Perhaps the world’s most prestigious producer of original content, HBO is offering much of their library for free during all of April.

Must See: The Sopranos, Veep, and The Lego Movie 2 are all available for free at the moment, and you can get access to an even bigger selection with their paid subscription. 

Cost: Free, for quarantine.

KyivStar TV: Another Ukrainian site with an extensive library of over 7,000 Ukrainian and Western titles.

Must See: The site has a surprisingly wide array of animated films, so if you have little ones, be sure to check out the selection.

Cost: From 80 to 220 UAH for a monthly subscription.

Megogo: With movies and TV series from both the West and Ukraine — as well as live programming from many Ukrainian channels — this site allows you to ‘cut the cord’ with Ukrainian television.

Must See: Ukraine is perhaps the only place where U.S. TV series Friends is more popular than in North America, and you can watch all 10 seasons here. Westworld is another must-see.

Cost: From 80 to 197 UAH for a monthly subscription.

Met Opera: Do you miss going out to a big show? Are you looking for a special “event” night with your loved ones? The Met Opera is offering encore presentations of its most popular shows for free, online!

Must See: There’s a different opera featured each night, so check out the schedule and choose the one that suits you best!

Cost: Completely free!

Netflix: The king of streaming, Netflix has changed the way we consume media — and with 200+ TV series and nearly 600 films, it’s easy to see why.

Must See: Original series like Breaking Bad and House of Cards made the service popular, but recent shows like Tiger King and Russian Doll keep Netflix ahead of the game. On Ukrainian Netflix, you can check out the series where President Zelensky played a president before becoming one.

Cost: From 237 to 356 UAH for a monthly subscription.

OLL TV: This is another site where you can view both Western and Ukrainian TV series, films, and TV channels. However, their selection is geared more toward Ukrainian content.

Must See: Blockbuster Ukrainian films like Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die and Donbas, are available on OLL.TV, and so are your favourite James Bond films.

Cost: Free 7-day trial, with monthly subscriptions starting at 80 UAH.

Roku: Even though you’ll need to purchase an external device to access Roku, its fantastic selection of content makes it worthwhile. Instead of individually signing up for channels like Hallmark, A&E, and Showcase, you can find them all located in one convenient location: on Roku!

Must See: Star Trek: Picard — courtesy of CBS All Acess, is a continuation of the wildly popular Star Trek The Next Generation. It is winning fans over in a flash. 

Cost: Free 30-day trial right now.

Showtime: The home of some of the most original cutting-edge and independent content in the streaming field, Showtime boasts an excellent list of binge-worthy gems.

Must See: Twin Peaks, Shameless, and The Tudors are just some of the tantalising titles to get you started.

Cost: Free 30-day trial right now.

Shudder: If you’re into horror, thrillers, or the supernatural, this is the streaming service for you!

Must See: Classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fit nicely aside newer content like A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

 Cost: Free monthly trial with promo code SHUTIN.

Starz: Starz has begun to give Showtime a run for its money with edgy and compelling original content. If you can’t access your membership directly from the website, it’s also available on Roku.

 Must See: There are many can’t-miss hits here, but try starting with Black Sails, Outlander, or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

 Cost: Free while under quarantine.

Sweet.TV: Sweet.TV is the Rolls-Royce of Ukrainian streaming services, with a massive library of over 5,000 films and shows, and over 200 channels.

 Must See: The TV catalogue alone is worth the subscription, with virtually every Ukrainian channel and several excellent foreign options — like Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Setanta Sports, and even Playboy. 

 Cost: 80 to 197 UAH for a monthly subscription.

Takflix: A Ukrainian site featuring some of the top Ukrainian new releases. Best of all, they all have English subtitles!

Must See: We highly recommend Heat Singers, a possible Oscar contender. Hutsulka Kseniya and Bezlyudna Kraina are also well worth the purchase.

Cost: 60 UAH per 7-day rental.

Vid Angel: For a more family-friendly experience, tune into Vid Angel, which allows you to skip the content you may not like, including nudity and profanity. 

 Must See: The service boasts to have the best “clean comedy” catalogue online for children’s programming — including Curious George and Chicken Run — and is well worth a look. 

 Cost: Free until March 30.

YouTube: Even though you can find films — like Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s silent classic Zemlya (Earth) for free — Youtube also has its own Movie section where you can rent or buy classics, popular hits, and even new releases! They are also offering live concerts, films, and talks on the platform for free during quarantine. 

 Must See: New releases like Jumanji: The Next Level, 1917, or the Harry Potter series.

 Cost: 20 – 500 UAH per purchase, with many less than 100 UAH.

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