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Best UA Gift 1

Best UA Gift 1

This UA brand doesn’t need a whole lot of hype or fanfare: the product is homegrown with love by two of the loveliest ladies in the capital. Sisters Ira and Olenka Martynyuk, founders of Tsvirin-Tsvirin (the way Ukrainians hear birds chirping), have been “in love with fashion since birth”, and in February 2017 put that into practice. Replacing the well-known pom-pom with hand-crocheted birds, the girls say their hats are for those who dare to push boundaries. Since showcasing in Paris, the brand has been picked up by four stores – one in Paris, one in London, and two in the US. You don’t need to go nearly that far however: pick one up online here in Kyiv, and make someone happy this holiday season!

Where to buy?
Price: $55 (child) – $65 (adult)



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