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Best UA Gift

Best UA Gift

 Awesome Ukraine books

The first edition of Awesome Ukraine was published in 2012 and since that time more than 25 000 copies have been sold around the world. The book appears to be an authentic tourist guide for those who are planning to visit Ukraine and want to get to know the country. Awesome Ukraine is a cultural and historical insight into Ukraine written in a very ironic and patriotic way.

Designed like a stylish pop-art publication, Awesome Ukraine sheds light upon the everyday life of Ukrainians, their mentality, national cuisine, traditions, historical events, picturesque nature, famous artists, sports and technical achievements. Which local food to try other than varenyky and salo? Who is Taras Shevchenko and why Ukrainians admire him so much? How to find the geographical centre of Europe in Ukraine? Take a copy of Awesome Ukraine with you to find the answers while exploring Ukrainian architecture, museums, castles, or boundless wheat fields.

If you forgot to buy the book during your stay in Ukraine or miss the aroma of borsch, order it online and Osnovy Publishing House will send you a copy by post. In addition to Awesome Ukraine we also recommend Awesome Kyiv, Awesome Odesa, and Awesome Lviv if you are going to visit any of these cities.

Where to buy?

Osnovy Publishing House

(Heorhiivs’kyi Lane 7, 3rd floor)

Tel: +38 044 331 0249

Price: 200 UAH


Ye bookstores

Stores in the city centre:

(Lva Tolstoho 1)

Tel +38 044 383 6149

(Khreschatyk 46)

Tel: +38 044 337 9772

(Spaska 5)

Tel. +38 044 351 1338

Price: 227 UAH




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