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BURSA Hotel is a concept hotel made up of 33 rooms, including an independent gallery of contemporary art, the city cafe “White Noise”, the rooftop bar “1818” which becomes a nightclub, and a conference room that is used for film screenings and cultural events.

How can you fit so many things in one place? Well, BURSA consists of four buildings combined together. The first was built in 1818 and is where the first chief architect of Kyiv, Andrey Melensky, lived with his family.  A second building was built nearby in 1856.  The BURSA team restored the building facades according to the original drawings, repainted the historical color, and recreated the original look of the windows and roof to ensure an authentic feel.

At the end of the 17th century in Kyiv,  the dorms for students of the Kyiv Theological Academy were called “Bursa”. These students didn’t have much money and earned their keep by staging theatrical performances and playing music on the street.  The first “Bursa” was in Podil.  

How does this concern nowadays BURSA?  The heart of BURSA is an independent contemporary art gallery which has been hosting art residences since 2019.  Similar to the 17th century students, artists can stay in the hotel during their work. Sort of like a commune with everyone living under one roof, working together, and relaxing together.


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