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Last-Minute Nature Getaways

Last-Minute Nature Getaways

Cosy campsites and fun places to visit before summer ends

Since the COVID restrictions kicked in, people have had to find conservative ways to enjoy summer, and many of us feel that we haven’t had a proper moment to sit back and relax in the warmer weather. Since August is coming to an end, we thought we’d share some fun last-minute getaways and activities you can do before the colder weather arrives. Only a short drive from the city centre, these getaways are highly accessible and are perfect for a day or weekend trip.

The first one on the list is a Private Hiking Tour through the Holosiivsky Forest and Kitaevskaya Hermitage, which is located just out of the city centre. To get there, you can catch a shuttle from any location in Kyiv to the Holosiivsky Forest. At the forest, you can participate in a hike that is guided by a multilingual staff member who provides some interesting historical and environmental facts of the area. There are a few different hikes to choose from, ranging from 7 to 15 kilometres, and most are suitable for all fitness types. One of the popular checkpoints, Holosiivsky font, maintains a temperature of 9 degrees Celcius most times of the year. Participants are also encouraged to bring a swimsuit. Other checkpoints include the Kitayevskaya Hermitage and the open-air Museum of Perhovo (detailing historical village life). The scenic views of the Pokrovsky Monastery complete the tour, and at the end, you are shuttled back to your pickup spot. 

The total price for a private tour is 44 USD. If you have any questions, call (888) 651-9785 or reserve your spot online at

Our second mention is The Camping Park of the Kyiv Sea, which is located north of Kyiv on the banks of the Kyiv Sea (Kyiv Reservoir). The Park offers a range of amenities for camping, such as showers and food stores, and also provides fun activities like badminton and volleyball. The campsite is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, and it is reasonably priced as well! Guests wishing to stay the night can park their car and pitch a tent. Other activities include swimming and fishing.

Another great camping option is Ivan’s Camping, which is located 18 kilometres from Kyiv. Here, guests are welcome to pitch a tent near the water and go fishing, swimming, or take a relaxing bike ride through the picturesque forest. It’s the perfect place to relax and grill some “shashlik” with friends and family.

But if you’re looking for a really unique camping experience, you can find that at the Kyivan Rus Camping Park. The park is part of a project that has reconstructed the historic and medieval city of Kievan Rus’. The place offers a range of excursions and activities, and you can explore the grounds and witness live re-enactments of everyday historical life. You can pitch your own tent on their clean campsite, and they sometimes lend tents to visitors – however, this may have changed due to COVID, so be sure to check first. Camping here is like no other camping experience; it is a time capsule that transports you back to the medieval days.

So, whether you’re up for a bit of nature and relaxation or hiking and history, the choice is yours! Just be sure to check with the campsites for any changes due to COVID. Stay safe and enjoy the last bit of summer.


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