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Discover Baturyn

Discover Baturyn

The beginning of autumn marks the perfect time to visit new places and enjoy nature. What’s On suggests a day trip to Baturyn, one of the many hidden gems of Ukraine. If you didn’t get the chance to travel Ukraine this summer, you can still discover it in the fall.

Baturyn is a town in the Chernihiv region with an extensive history. You can visit the Hetman Rozumovskyi Palace, the church of Resurrection, a house of the general judge Kochubey, the modern archeological museum and the reconstruction of the huge citadel since Ivan Mazepa. On your way to Baturyn you can visit Motronivka Khytir where you will find “Gannina Pustyn”, the country house of famous Ukrainian writer Panteleymon Kulish.

This small town on the banks of the Seim river will surprise you and make you proud of the Ukrainian nation and its history. It’s better to travel by car, but you may also order a tour in a tourist bureau. A tour lasts for 12 hours, and English speaking guides will inform visitors of all the secrets of this amazing place. 

Baturyn (Chernihiv region)

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