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Check out this Award-Winning Ukrainian Film, Together

Check out this Award-Winning Ukrainian Film, Together

The Ukrainian-made short horror film Together is gaining international recognition. What’s it about? This year’s hot topic: self-isolation in the times of COVID.

Directed by Max Balter in June 2020, it took home three prizes for Best Horror movie at the Paris Play Film Festival Awards, the New York Movie Awards and the Florence Film Awards.

In the United States, the film was titled the Best Home Quarantine-Made Film (the American Golden Picture International Film Festival), whereas the Assurdo Film Festival (Italy) praised its fantastic visual effects.

In addition, Balter’s film secured the Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography prizes from the Venice Film Festival Awards, the European Cinematography Awards (the Netherlands) and the Prague International Monthly Film Festival. Together is included in the Cannes Short Film Festival’s official program. 

According to Balter, his studio mainly shoots commercials and music videos. However, during the quarantine they had time to implement their own creative projects. The six-minute thriller Together focuses on the feelings of loneliness and anxiety during the lockdown period.

Marusia Ionova, an actress of the DAKH Theatre and a member of the social rave band TseSho, stars as Anna in the film. Studio 31 produced the sound and music, and popular DJ KarolisTrippsy created the soundtrack.

The story focuses on the main protagonist who lives alone in a confined space. After a while, she begins to feel as if a stranger has entered her apartment. The viewer does not understand whether it is really happening or just her imagination. The story keeps us guessing until the final moments

Watch the movie here

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