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Celebrating Your Birthday in Quarantine

Celebrating Your Birthday in Quarantine

If you’re one of the “lucky” ones who has their birthday coming up amid this global pandemic and you live in a city with a stay-at-home order in effect, it’s normal that you may feel a little upset. But, try to look on the bright side of things: this is a birthday you definitely won’t forget, and some may even call it one that is pand-epic. 

Whether you live alone, with family, or with roommates — there are many ways to celebrate your big day while staying safe at home. Here are our tips on how to celebrate your special day. 

Schedule a Virtual Hangout

Yes, we know that this is the first thing you expected to hear — but why not? You could start by sending virtual invitations to all your friends (and improve your photoshop skills in the process). Next, you can choose a fun theme for your virtual party, put together a celebratory playlist, and pick out an outfit to wear. Even though it may be difficult, try swapping those pyjamas that you’ve been wearing non-stop for a real outfit, just to get in the party mood. Nothing in the closet? No worries, Sil will deliver right to your door. Their mainstream style is sure to please even the most hopeless -stuck-at-home-case of birthday blues.

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Treat Yourself With a Gift

Everyone loves to receive birthday presents. Unfortunately, this year many people will have to go without receiving bright colourful boxes tied up with ribbons, sent by their loved ones. But, that’s okay, because this time it’s all about self-love. Don’t be afraid to do some online shopping and fulfil your long-standing desires. May we suggest a book from кнігарня є to get lost in – you’ve definitely got the time to spare!

Cook Up a Storm

Of course, you could order take-in from your favourite restaurant, but we recommend that you make cooking a highlight of your special day. Try to avoid your typical go-to meals and instead select a few recipes you haven’t tried before. Whether you live with family/friends, or are staying in-touch virtually, get others involved and cook together. Here’s a fun idea: why not get everyone to make a different dish and pretend you’re all in a cooking show. Then, once you’re all finished, have a final presentation of your meals. Hell’s Kitchen is always a fun one to see just how upset the contents can get Gordon Ramsey!

In conclusion, when your birthday comes around this quarantine, remember that in these uncertain times, pay attention to what your true desires are so that you can enjoy your day and feel the absolute best possible. Whether you need to stay home with a glass of wine or throw a virtual party with your loved ones — do whatever suits!

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